Everything GREAT About Kung Fu Panda 3!

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Kung Fu Panda 3! Y'all thought you'd never get it! And to be honest, even though I love the movie, Dreamworks is a pain to deal with. But It's time to finish the trilogy that somehow…holds up! Here's everything right with Kung Fu Panda 3! The one with the pandas!

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  • Nikola Kostadinov
    Nikola Kostadinov11 timmar sedan

    What I also really like about the ending is that the scene is sooo simalar with Bruce Lees scene and it's very sick

  • Lets talk games
    Lets talk games13 timmar sedan

    baby pandas regular fall of trees but only get embarrassed

  • mikhael reiko
    mikhael reiko22 timmar sedan

    When you notice that this film came out 5 years ago

  • Kayla Girl
    Kayla Girl2 dagar sedan

    That moment where Lei Lei the ''Stripey Baby'' panda cub hugs Tigress' leg and Tigress barely misses a beat throwing Lei Lei and catching her while fighting and even letting her hit her opponent and say with all the rage a toddler can produce ''You're mean!'' was robbed of its win

  • Kaykay Abuel
    Kaykay Abuel2 dagar sedan

    kung fu panda 4 is going to be AMAZING because they have 6 entire years to edit it into perfection 5 already done it says its going to release in 2022

  • Sogeking Simp
    Sogeking Simp3 dagar sedan

    Yo can we turn Kung Fu Panda into an anime so we can make Tigress a cool girl tsundera and ship her with po?

  • derek694
    derek6943 dagar sedan

    Can you do everything great about real steel

    常耀洋CHANG YIU YEUNG4 dagar sedan

    4:23 that is the Chinese Symbol for turtle Also fun fact Oogway is literally a Chinese word for turtle

  • Minecraft world
    Minecraft world5 dagar sedan

    8:57- Huvacuating Hugging + Evacuating = Huvacuating

  • BountyHunter185517
    BountyHunter1855175 dagar sedan

    “J.K.Simmons is always a win with his scary dad energy” Just wait till you see INVINCIBLE!

  • Casper Vestergaard
    Casper Vestergaard5 dagar sedan

    3:55 Kai was there in the first movie too

  • Kieran Swire
    Kieran Swire6 dagar sedan

    Kung Fu Panda 1-Balanced masterpiece Kung Fu Panda 2-Best combat scenes but too much of it. Kung Fu Panda 3-Funny and Lighthearted but too fast-paced compared to the first two.

  • Uhh Ok
    Uhh Ok6 dagar sedan

    I feel like the retcon of Master Oogway's intention for why he chose Po takes away a little from a part of what the first movie stood for. I can't really put into words exactly why

  • Uhh Ok

    Uhh Ok

    2 dagar sedan

    @Zachary Parkhurst-Whidden Thank you, yes, that's what it is. It undermines the message that anybody could be the dragon warrior and that you are special for who you are not for what your legacy is.

  • Zachary Parkhurst-Whidden

    Zachary Parkhurst-Whidden

    3 dagar sedan

    I feel like it takes away from the whole "Master Oogway knows best" idea. Seeing him point to Tigress then select Po because of convenient placement was a huge part of the first movie because Po was just an average panda. To say Pandas were spiritual badasses and Oogway just knew Po would be there takes away from the luck idea too.

  • Sephentos Thaler
    Sephentos Thaler6 dagar sedan

    rewatched this, and i noticed, when shifu talks to po after his failed teaching lesson, he says monkey, tigress, mantis, and crane told shifu that po was a bad teacher, viper did not, Viper doesn't talk bad about po to shifu, and i thought that was really sweet of her

  • Rick H
    Rick H7 dagar sedan

    I always assumed Kai was in the same group with po and oogway cause the way he jokes around and things he’d say or do just he turned bad wanting to get more power after saving his best friend from death and not wanting that to happen again

  • Decearing Apple
    Decearing Apple7 dagar sedan

    Omg I haven't noticed the letimotif before for kai's theme, but now that you mention it, its basically stuck in my head lol

  • ManedWolfMonarch
    ManedWolfMonarch7 dagar sedan

    CinimaWins: *actively promotes and praises their movie* Dream works: hur dur let’s claim the video Movie companies and their CEOS are not people.

  • Mmicb0b
    Mmicb0b7 dagar sedan

    the one I never saw in theatres I just watched it like a week ago and made like 50 Breaking Bad/"THINK MARK THINK" jokes

  • Mmicb0b
    Mmicb0b7 dagar sedan

    There actually said they want to make another trillogy and a 4th one will be made at some point (I think the 4th one will reveal where Tigress comes from since they said in a short she was also abandoned as an infant like Po was but they never said where I think her parents will be that movie's bad guy since if a villain raided wherever she came from and destroyed it, it'd just be Lord Shen all over again. Meanwhile I think 5 and 6 will have Tai Lung return since he kinda cameoed as a Chi necklace/ornament and they confirmed there is a way to return from the spirit world and 5 will end on a cliffhanger)

  • it's one video c:
    it's one video c:7 dagar sedan

    I actually thought about Kai not using Oogway too but it was for a different reason. He kept every single master on his hip, like a belt for tools or a keychain. Objects to use. But Oogway was on a necklace, "close to his heart". always touching him whenever he wanted to torment him. I didn't think that Kai didn't want to see Oogway out of character, fighting against his beliefs... I thought that he kept him "by his side" so Oogway was unable to leave/betray him again... More like a toxic friend that forces you into the relationship It doesn't necessarily collide with loving Oogway. Kai can still want Oogway to stay the same to an extent... Just not enough to leave him...

  • Spicy Nugget
    Spicy Nugget7 dagar sedan

    I'm glad they didn't completely change tigress' personality to turn her into po's lover, like so many other disney, pixar' DreamWorks movies

  • Jishnu Devan
    Jishnu Devan7 dagar sedan

    The music from Hans Simmer especially the fight between Po and Kai in the spirit realm is so good!

  • Naseem Shah
    Naseem Shah8 dagar sedan

    kai reminds me of drago bludvist

  • Spinoraptor 25
    Spinoraptor 258 dagar sedan

    dreamworks be like: no...we can't...his better then...cinemasins but...copyright...no...but...but...DAMN IT COPYRIGHT

  • Okayest DM
    Okayest DM9 dagar sedan

    One of my favorite things about Kai is something my brother pointed out. He's obsessed with amassing everyone else's power for himself, and LITERALLY has the green eyes of envy.

  • GuukanKitsune
    GuukanKitsune9 dagar sedan

    Kai's destruction, explained: The more Chi you give willingly, the more Chi you have. The more Chi you take forcibly, the less Chi you have. Po was being given Chi willingly by an entire village of people. Making him infinitely full of Chi. Then he gave it all to Kai, willingly, becoming an endless Chi font for Kai to take from that would never run dry. Kai, at the same time, was forcibly taking Po's Chi, even while it was being given to him. He was forcibly taking infinite Chi. Which caused him... to have none. And nothing can exist without Chi. So Kai became nothing. He ceased to exist.

  • strong wang
    strong wang9 dagar sedan

    Loved the video!

  • Peyton Norman
    Peyton Norman9 dagar sedan

    1:56 2:16 5:18 5:21 9:46 13:58 14:05

  • Krisha subedi
    Krisha subedi10 dagar sedan

    more like everythings great about kung fu panda 3

  • Love of life
    Love of life10 dagar sedan

    I absolutely adore how Po’s surname, the one given by his Panda dad, Lotus is more feminine!!!! ☺️

  • Tiffany Lim
    Tiffany Lim10 dagar sedan

    Just for clarification, The calligraphy 氣 Oogway wrote 1:02 in the beginning is Chi The one on paper is 龜, 4:22 the modern writing of Turtle, the writing on the paper is the ancient version [Oogway is the Mandarin pronunciation of Turtle]

  • Cupson Plush Productions
    Cupson Plush Productions11 dagar sedan

    Cinemawins: scary dad energy for J.K. Simmons me: thinking of Omni Man

  • x66 HEVY
    x66 HEVY12 dagar sedan

    Do you also notice that viper has fangs now

  • Maybe_Brady
    Maybe_Brady12 dagar sedan

    4:09 Cinema Wins predicted Omni man 🤣

  • Kyi Vay
    Kyi Vay12 dagar sedan

    Tigress is literally the embodiment of me when it comes to her confusion

  • Knight Terror
    Knight Terror12 dagar sedan

    10:19 Po: My goals are beyond your comprehension

  • james_the_creepypasta
    james_the_creepypasta12 dagar sedan

    I thought the ice wall thing was I a icewing joke but sadly not

  • VixyMix 101
    VixyMix 10113 dagar sedan

    3:05 can't believe you didn't mention the little bunny trying to cheer up Mr. Ping 😔

  • Saint-14'sShadow
    Saint-14'sShadow13 dagar sedan

    *"Scary angry dad energy."* The Invincible foreshadowing lol

  • videohistory722
    videohistory72213 dagar sedan

    Psst. Kais drawing on the wall was in the first movie too! That's what he was throwing the ninja star at!

  • codaah
    codaah13 dagar sedan

    In short, everything.

  • Kyle Wong
    Kyle Wong14 dagar sedan

    He didn’t mention the Dramatic exit

  • HAPPY566
    HAPPY56616 dagar sedan

    we basically just watch The movie for free thanks to u lol

  • simon Yi
    simon Yi16 dagar sedan

    This is such a nice conclusion to the famous movie KongFuPanda 3. Also, the symbol on the scroll stands for turtle as it turned into master Ugway.

  • Simeon Dawkins
    Simeon Dawkins16 dagar sedan

    the name Ki is a name for chi :) also its basicly airbanding using chi into thought forms

    RETRO-ROCK17 dagar sedan

    All three of these Kung fu panda movies all make sense now

  • Malachi Sanchez
    Malachi Sanchez19 dagar sedan

    I knew po had plot armor since the beginning

  • Dryzle


    4 dagar sedan

    basically every main character has plot armor

  • Lich King
    Lich King20 dagar sedan

    KFP 1 =physical KFP 2 =mental/emotional KFP 3 =spiritual

  • Crhys
    Crhys20 dagar sedan

    Kai was Kung fu pandas own Kratos

    KRISH21 dag sedan

    I think that Kung Fu Panda is the best dreamwork movie by far 👍

  • Sh4rds0fGl4ss
    Sh4rds0fGl4ss21 dag sedan

    When was this channel created? And why wasn't I told about it when it was?

  • Henrique Carballo Aranha
    Henrique Carballo Aranha22 dagar sedan

    There's actually a little bit of continuity to the whole "Wings Of _____" thing that Crane has going for him. He says "Wings of Justice" in the second movie when he blows the sails of Shen's ships.

  • Tarnax The Villain
    Tarnax The Villain23 dagar sedan

    There is literally not a single ad in this video

  • Dustotom2007's Gaming
    Dustotom2007's Gaming23 dagar sedan

    10:20 I wanna mention kai's chains physics

  • Hab1z
    Hab1z24 dagar sedan

    Omni man becomes kratos

  • AMV central
    AMV central25 dagar sedan

    11:19 Poball?

  • ❤︎bun❤︎
    ❤︎bun❤︎25 dagar sedan

    that idea that Kai didn't use Oogway because he loved him honestly sort of reminds me of the bond of Dumbledore and Grindlewald in Fantastic Beasts and where to find them of they were on opposite sides and they were fighting for what both believed to be right but they wouldn't hurt one another.

  • Chudrocks
    Chudrocks25 dagar sedan

    Noobs kai wants people to go green! Go Nature!

  • Disopeet
    Disopeet25 dagar sedan

    Would it be more awesome or weirder if Bryan Cranston voiced Kai and J.K. Simmons voiced Li?

  • Loen Mayne
    Loen Mayne25 dagar sedan

    this video was made 1 day aft er my birthday

  • Carey Yang
    Carey Yang27 dagar sedan

    8:11 I'm pretty sure he loses the abilities of that specific chi when turned to chi warriers, so he'd probably keep it just to be safe

  • Mariofan 1115
    Mariofan 111527 dagar sedan

    So do you actually not get money for this

  • Matheus Mariani
    Matheus Mariani27 dagar sedan

    Remember after the disastrous first day of Po as a teacher, and everyone was harsh at him, except for Viper? Shifu did not mention her name while saying who told him the day was a disaster, meaning Viper just accepted Po's lack of teaching skills, and maybe just hoping he will improve. Dispite her especies being associated with poison and betrayal, she was the nicest character on the franchise. We need more friends like Viper. 🐍🐍🐍

  • [Intentional Game Design]
    [Intentional Game Design]28 dagar sedan

    after watching your analysis series of each one, I'd be happy to drop you a subscription and a like on all three

  • Legendary Griefer
    Legendary Griefer28 dagar sedan

    You what i just realised, if the spirit realm is home to dead people then where’s Shen?

  • THABREEZ 456
    THABREEZ 45629 dagar sedan

    There's a LOT of yin and yang imagery in this movie

  • TheBigTeb
    TheBigTeb29 dagar sedan

    10:59 - Your friend that clutches a 2v1 with the most random character be like

  • How To Do It
    How To Do It29 dagar sedan

    "Because Dreamwork has claimed every single video I've ever made for their movies" It that why you haven't done the Madagascar trilogy or penguins and all their other great movies?

  • felsby warcraft
    felsby warcraft29 dagar sedan

    10:52 i wanna point out he can hear kai trying to not laugh at that part

  • Aryn Chan
    Aryn ChanMånad sedan

    That symbol doesn’t mean “氣” in the scroll it means “龜” gui which is also tortoise 🐢 in traditional Chinese

  • andril gowdhaman
    andril gowdhamanMånad sedan

    The worst movie in my opinion. So many things don't make sense, and a lot of the jokes fell flat. Moreover, said jokes ruined the serious tone. Only thing I can't criticise is the animation and art.

  • Kieran Swire
    Kieran SwireMånad sedan

    This movie is the perfect ending to the king fu panda part of my childhood.It wraps itself up nicely with a bow.It is my least fave movie compared to the other twos due to its too fast paced story.

  • Karrde
    KarrdeMånad sedan

    i DID not like this movie but BEST VILLAIN MUSIC love IT!

  • Mxmln lcdcdffmnt

    Mxmln lcdcdffmnt

    5 dagar sedan

    Thats what happen when its made by Image Dragons

  • Defeated Program
    Defeated ProgramMånad sedan

    When watching this movie I always thought the chain blades was familiar then I started thinking that Kai's chain blades were a reference to the Blades of Chaos from God of War

  • Dark Souls for Fun
    Dark Souls for FunMånad sedan

    Oogway broke Kai's double bladed spear and now he use's it attatched to chains like Kratos now Kai is a God of war

  • Evie Sterling
    Evie SterlingMånad sedan

    Everyone's here talking about how great the Kung Fu Panda movies are but I'm here for the stripy baby :D

  • Random
    RandomMånad sedan

    Shifu was right! It is a dramatic exit!

  • Peter Shallcross
    Peter ShallcrossMånad sedan

    Something I noticed was at the music that plays whenever Kai comes into this thing is the song i’m so sorry 😱🤭 👀 of surprise

  • Vid.
    Vid.Månad sedan

    I don’t get why people say this movie fell into the Dreamworks threequel curse I really loved this movie

  • Michael Grießacher
    Michael GrießacherMånad sedan

    The only good thing is that it ends

  • Vrayden Bagnes
    Vrayden BagnesMånad sedan

    My fav part was when shifu got jealous of po because oogway gave him his staff

  • An ode to an annoying dog named Sea Rabbit
    An ode to an annoying dog named Sea RabbitMånad sedan

    I think Kai COULDN'T do the thing to oogway.

  • Iluvlittenanimations2.0
    Iluvlittenanimations2.0Månad sedan

    Bird dad went to find the sun

  • Nuke boy
    Nuke boyMånad sedan

    8:13 good reason but I think that kai keeps oogway because when he absorbse someone or captures them he gains thier chi, So kai doesn't want to give away a lot of chi because oogway probably has the most chi out of everyone kai captured

  • ManNana
    ManNanaMånad sedan

    I love how before this I got a domino's pizza and 2with yodeling people in it

  • Ana Lucia Flier, van der
    Ana Lucia Flier, van derMånad sedan

    can you do wish dragon?

  • Vijay Patil
    Vijay PatilMånad sedan

    About the chi symbol, the attack symbol from oogway, as you said, is definitely the symbol of chi, so that symbol there on the scroll might mean "corrupted chi" bcuz kai definitely had corrupted chi. I don't know Mandarin or Kantanese so I don't know if this is correct.

    AAAEAMånad sedan

    Am I the only one who thought that the "being a panda" training, although it was deceptive, actually helping po master chi? Things like rolling and his dad saying stuff like "let the hill take you and don't force the hill" or something like that. Oh and how they were competing on who can relax more by seeing who can sigh better. I might be reading too much into all this I dunno



    Månad sedan

    @Max Meidl how so?

  • Max Meidl

    Max Meidl

    Månad sedan

    Possibly, I also like to see it as a callback to the first movie

  • Luthodic
    LuthodicMånad sedan

    Dragon fist - ssj3 goku

  • That One Dude
    That One DudeMånad sedan

    Tigress always had stripes on her arm, on her original outfit with no sleeves and on her new outfit with sleeves.

  • Noodlez Does… Gacha apparently
    Noodlez Does… Gacha apparentlyMånad sedan

    Body, mind, and spirit. The esscence of Kung fu panda

  • Adam Robinson
    Adam RobinsonMånad sedan

    Po: can you go back to the normal world? Oogway:I don’t know

  • Frosty_3000
    Frosty_3000Månad sedan

    Something I think is a win is how Po’s hat has holes in it for where his ears go

  • CYNTHIA Nail
    CYNTHIA NailMånad sedan

    I was 5 or 6 when I went to see it I was scared and confused and wanted to go home but now I love it

  • im fat
    im fatMånad sedan

    What's also realistic about pandas and Po in this movie is that Pandas constantly eat in real life and in the movie! Maybe it's unintentional but it's a fun little add on!

  • One and only goat
    One and only goatMånad sedan

    The fact you get a strike from dreamworks here is wrong, a part of copyright infringement is that criticism is allowed. I saw multiple points of criticism here.

  • That one guy
    That one guyMånad sedan

    Also @CinemaWins, so did Lord Chen. That weird peacock guy. His Chi got taken and i guess died?

  • Becky Ebsworth
    Becky EbsworthMånad sedan

    Each movie is about either the body, mind or soul 1:body 2:mind 3:soul

  • Becky Ebsworth
    Becky EbsworthMånad sedan

    There's another fighter who started as a ribbon dancer. Guess who it is Answer:Viper

  • LordFlarp
    LordFlarpMånad sedan

    I know I’m late, but the Kratos type things from Kai? Those all made me so happy lol!