Everything GREAT About Hot Fuzz! (Part 2)

Hot Fuzz! Part 2! The conclusion! If you missed part 1, it's here:

Videos referenced:
Hot Fuzz (2007) - Movies with Mikey: seblacks.info/cold/video/hIOGnI2NirCojWU.html
Every Frame a Painting: Edgar Wright - How to Do Visual Comedy: seblacks.info/cold/video/a3aE3npoiZ2bl5w.html

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  • bing bonk
    bing bonkDag sedan

    What's the main two actors names the ones who seem to b in lots of movies together

  • Luke Sage
    Luke SageDag sedan


  • derek694
    derek6943 dagar sedan

    Can you do everything great about real steel

  • WillRock07
    WillRock07Månad sedan

    Hot Fuzz is also my favourite of the Cornetto Trilogy. The sheer amount of references, call backs, the way it constantly recontextualizes the same quotes for comedic value, and pretty much everything mentioned in these two videos make this one a masterpiece imo. Shaun of the Dead is fantastic too but there is just something about this one. One of my all time favourite movies.

  • Govind
    GovindMånad sedan

    You missed the part where Angel enters riding a horse and behind him, there was a poster saying "Good luck Sanford"

  • ScienceK
    ScienceKMånad sedan

    Why remove a sin for "make sanford great again"? Is it for the attached implication? That implication didn't exist in 2007.

  • Brimstone Sulfur
    Brimstone SulfurMånad sedan

    2:14 and thats why this film has aged too well

  • Haidar Amri
    Haidar AmriMånad sedan

    "Whatever the cost, we would make Sanford great again." - Inspector Frank Trump

  • buddyltd
    buddyltdMånad sedan

    You mention "Hot Fuzz" being on the top of the car etc... It is "Hot Fuzz", yeah, but it's also "Hertfordshire", the county where they're located.

  • Shalia - Let's Plays, Gaming & co

    Shalia - Let's Plays, Gaming & co

    5 dagar sedan

    Then why is on their epulette (those Shoulder thingies) SF and not HF? Shouldn't it be the same?

  • BazilRat
    BazilRatMånad sedan

    Definitely my favourite of the trilogy.

  • Matt Wix
    Matt WixMånad sedan

    You missed the best added sound effect: the lion's roar that plays when Jim Broadbent shoots the chandelier in the pub

  • X popsicle X
    X popsicle XMånad sedan

    i love that he kept saying danny and nick were “best friends”

  • Xander Newton
    Xander NewtonMånad sedan

    The Cornetto trilogy.

  • endarasman
    endarasmanMånad sedan

    5:02 Okay, you're not commenting on that awesome villain squad pose?

  • Amira Ihsan
    Amira IhsanMånad sedan

    I love that no one in an English town seems to have heard of a place called LON-DON! LOL

  • Amira Ihsan
    Amira IhsanMånad sedan


  • Suzy Syrett
    Suzy SyrettMånad sedan

    Going through a tough time just now and this channel is the light in the dark. Thanks so much bud😎🙏 (from a person you’ll never meet but whose life you’re making a little bit better)

  • lil timmy
    lil timmyMånad sedan

    The bromance is real

  • Peter Humfrey
    Peter HumfreyMånad sedan

    The ginger nut reference harking back to the stolen biscuits (cookies for Americans) earlier just killed me 😂

  • Scout Forbes
    Scout Forbes2 månader sedan

    “Narp???” is iconic and is regularly quoted in my British family

  • Brinley Cottle
    Brinley Cottle2 månader sedan

    Just noticed an amazing attention to detail at 4:54, the bolt is open on the Lee Enfield because he hasn’t had police or combat training on a bolt action and for hunting you get told to keep the bolt open at all times until you’re about to shoot

  • Logan Perkins
    Logan Perkins2 månader sedan

    The NWA H A S to be a reference to the rap group cause NWA made "fu*k the police"

  • Astral Lexicon
    Astral Lexicon2 månader sedan

    This is probably gonna get sniped by a mid-wit snark or two (and hell, you probably won't even notice this), but whatever. Curious how you are staggered by the parallel of MAGA and "Make Sandford Great Again" because Orange Man Bad's mean tweets (I know, I know, kids in cages, covid incompetence, insurrection, [insert CNN buzz-phrase], fascist, racist, sexist), but you didn't acknowledge the actual horrifying parallel of the Network in World's End to Biden's "Build Back Better" and the Great Reset. Never really cared for Trump, I'm not alt-right (believe it or not, the world is not built on the back of a giant pile of dog whistles), but damn I'd take another four years of supposedly-fascist Drumpfler over the nightmare puppet admin we're being dragged thru now. Already seen a surprised pikachus in the comments, as though there's any actual comparison between the two besides a similar slogan. I know, I know, one small point out of what is an all-around great praise of an amazing movie, but sorry dude, 2:13 made me facepalm, because the propaganda really is that thick. No, I'm not gonna unsub, no, I don't want you cancelled, no, I don't think you're a terrible person.

  • James Trentini
    James Trentini2 månader sedan

    01:50 BIG JILL CAMEO

  • MrDoodless
    MrDoodless2 månader sedan

    Missed the “Jesus Christ!” From the priest when he got shot

  • Sammy Gee
    Sammy Gee2 månader sedan

    Anyone else notice that the hotel was called ‘the swan hotel’ and then the swan is crucial towards the ending

  • koushik raja
    koushik raja2 månader sedan

    Rewatched it after a long time and I was like "wait a minute is that academy award and emmy winning Olivia Coleman?!??" Like seriously she was so awesome in this movie.

  • 123 456
    123 4563 månader sedan

    I hate that I can literally quote the whole movie but also... totally worth the amount of rewatches it took for my brain to learn basically the whole script

  • Charlotte Robinson
    Charlotte Robinson3 månader sedan

    YESSSS trying to convince my boyfriend that there was something romantic between those two drove me up the wall haha, so it's so nice to see I was right haha.

  • amy harvey
    amy harvey3 månader sedan

    Okay but when skinner gets impaled angel is like a full few seconds delayed in covering the Aaron A Aaronsons face and the way he does it is just the kid sees what happens thing gets hit in the face. One of the best bits

  • Ryan Crowe
    Ryan Crowe3 månader sedan

    The moment Danny grabbed Angel’s shoulder my heart sank

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow3 månader sedan

    No lie, actually got to use the line "Every year " to a cop. Hilarious outcome

  • soki324
    soki3243 månader sedan

    I remember seeing this not long after it came out and being extremely dissatisfied because of how it was advertised. The ads for the movie made it out to be an action movie, so instead of enjoying the movie for what it was, I just waited for the action. Now that I'm older I'm able to appreciate it

  • Fraser Laird
    Fraser Laird3 månader sedan

    Everything Great About The Dark Crystal.

  • Alexander
    Alexander3 månader sedan

    Winception 10:26

  • Holly
    Holly3 månader sedan


  • Ze'ev Linett
    Ze'ev Linett3 månader sedan

    How dare you not mention the Shaun the sheep joke he says jokingly partially

  • Gamer Guru
    Gamer Guru3 månader sedan

    To help you understand why they make such good movies so easily is because they come from the areas they film around so knowing the culture of your neighborhood and how they behave writes half of the script for you, they just bottled English rural humour perfectly

  • Mohamed I’m ‘ard Bruce Lee
    Mohamed I’m ‘ard Bruce Lee3 månader sedan

    Fun fact: I’ve actually got a pair of Nicolas Angels glasses and a few cells of the film where Danny draws his nightstick. It’s my favourite film if you can’t tell 🤣

  • just another account
    just another account3 månader sedan

    Hot fuzz - Made 10x its budget in the box office Shaun of the dead - Made 5x its budget Worlds end - made 2x its budget I guess hot fuzz really was the best of the trilogy

  • can_of_woopwoop
    can_of_woopwoop3 månader sedan

    Hot Fuzz is also my favorite... At World's End might have packed a lot of references I missed, not big on it to be honest

  • Huskmini
    Huskmini3 månader sedan

    You think you've seen all the references but with Wright I can guarantee there will be some hidden Easter egg somewhere. Absolutely legendary film director

  • M C
    M C3 månader sedan

    So, arguably, Hot Fuzz is legitimately one of the greatest movies of all time. Its attention to detail, its snappy directing and dialogue are all master classes in cinema. I absolutely adore this film for how much it packs into one movie, where half of the movies with a bloated and over weighted budget cram half as little in a longer running time. I know it gets its due but honestly, it deserves more accolade for how incredible it really is. Mentioning the whole on watch X number is so spot on as it takes so many rewatches to really get to grips with the details that you miss even the fourth time around. Even now on watching this, about watching a movie and pointing out its good bits, I noticed something I've never noticed before. The shop doesn't even sell cigarettes or tobacco. The cabinet behind the shopkeeper (whose name escapes me) normally would have cigarettes and tobacco products in, but they are so set on looking morally superior they stuffed it with arguably just as terrible sweets, chocolates and fizzy drinks. They even changed the sign to say "Confectionary" instead of "Cigarettes". See! Details! Just a masterpiece.

  • Honter Thompson
    Honter Thompson3 månader sedan

    Did you miss 0:15 when the poster for _Hot Fuss,_ an album by The Killers, is just on a back wall

  • Arran Hickman
    Arran Hickman3 månader sedan

    Also. " he isn't even from round here" is one of the main points of the movie, and you overlook it!

  • Arran Hickman
    Arran Hickman3 månader sedan

    You also need to read a parish council newsletter!

  • This be Me
    This be Me3 månader sedan

    ✌️ 👍jog off

  • Brendon Broussard
    Brendon Broussard3 månader sedan

    One of the "Blink and you miss it" jokes i love is when the cops are having the shoot out in the grocery store. The deli guys start throwing meats at the cops and one of them yells "We got this, go!" and fires a rifle at the deli guys. I just think it was hilarious that the meat throwing warranted a lethal response xD

  • Gomgom Plays
    Gomgom Plays4 månader sedan

    Also the lady who had twins named them Martin and Roger after Lethal Weapon.

  • lucky5th
    lucky5th4 månader sedan

    Wait, the word zombie will get you in youtube trouble?

  • mywhychromosome
    mywhychromosome4 månader sedan

    Loved your use of the Metal Gear Solid 'cancel/not high enough card level to enter' sound during the accidental Trump-predicting moment

  • Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation
    Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation4 månader sedan

    Everything Great About Willow?

  • Faith El
    Faith El4 månader sedan

    The all new kitchen gun

  • Aaron Leffew
    Aaron Leffew4 månader sedan

    Anyone notice the twins are named after the main characters from Lethal Weapon?

  • Massid
    Massid4 månader sedan

    Pls make everything great about bolt

  • Rover Libra
    Rover Libra4 månader sedan

    How did he not notice the poster for Hot Fuss in the background of the shop, Hot Fuss was an album from the the band, 'The Killers', subtle. (No luck catching them Killers eh?)

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous4 månader sedan

    Thanks for making me love my favourite comedy movie of all time even mor e

  • Adam Toms
    Adam Toms4 månader sedan

    “He is NOT Judge Judy and executioner!”

  • Patricia Cooney
    Patricia Cooney4 månader sedan

    This is the best comedy ever filmed next to dinner for one Fight me

  • taylor wilkinson
    taylor wilkinson4 månader sedan

    i think youd have a great time with in bruges

  • Iain Ronald
    Iain Ronald4 månader sedan

    One more cool part: The third judge along with the mums of both lead actors is the teacher from Edgar Wright's high school that inspired Pierce Brosnan's character in The World's End.

  • ice dragonx2
    ice dragonx24 månader sedan

    i so happy u said mum and not mom

  • mrbenz19
    mrbenz194 månader sedan

    Kinda sad you didn't include my favorite Angel's moment. At the beginning of the finale, he entered on a horse, got off, and said in a very cool gruff voice "Morning". Oh wow, I just realized on the shootout Angel always use cool gruff voice whenever he said a one-liner!! I need to watch this again. Hot fuzz is such a great movie and Edgar Wright is a master filmmaker.

  • Theron Erickson
    Theron Erickson4 månader sedan

    FOUR WEEKS?!?!?!?!

  • Brian Stover
    Brian Stover4 månader sedan

    Gotta ask: Did Trump steal Make America Great Again from this movie and the line Whatever the cost, we would make Sanford great again! ????

  • Chance Houston
    Chance Houston4 månader sedan

    I cannot believe in both parts you forgot 2 moments. 1, chasing the grocery bandit, he spots the swan and takes the time to decide what to do. As if catching the swan and robbery are on the same page. And 2, when talking with the Andys he mentions skid marks, Andys points saying "now who's childish" and holds the finger point for the duration of Angels response 😂😂😂

  • Little Lad Louis
    Little Lad Louis4 månader sedan

    5:46 ALSO... ginger nuts are biscuits in the UK... they're delicious

  • Nomadic Horse
    Nomadic Horse4 månader sedan

    This type of movie is a “reaffirmation parody”. A movie established as an homage or mockery of a genre/movie but the become largely faithful to the original script or inspiration. Similar movies include: Airplane, Blazing Saddles, or Scream.

  • Josh
    Josh4 månader sedan

    4:34 -ish The bar had a chalk sign saying "2 shooters 4 the price of 1" This video is making me notice so many more details I missed!

  • Josh
    Josh4 månader sedan

    Tiny missed detail: 3:45 shows Angel's badge number is 777, known as the Angel Number or the Heaven Number. I never noticed it until watching this video. Another example of amazing attention to tiny details that would likely go completely unnoticed, but adds to the greater whole.

  • TheHorrorDevotee
    TheHorrorDevotee4 månader sedan

    Edgar Wright is the best director of all time. You can’t change my mind

  • Cap'n Jack
    Cap'n Jack4 månader sedan

    The only "problem" with this movie is that we can't stop quoting it.

  • The Stranger
    The Stranger4 månader sedan

    All you really need to know about Edgar Wright is that Cinema Wins needs 2 part videos on all his films.

  • ooglie booglie
    ooglie booglie4 månader sedan

    Fuzz is a slang name for the cops in England, I don't think you know that? "Caught by the fuzz" is the song, it's by Supergrass, great band.

  • Michael Flynn
    Michael Flynn4 månader sedan

    Also, after the massive shootout in Sandford, and Angel rebuilds the police force, they get proper action movie police cars, rather than the frankly rubbish british police cars they're stuck with throughout the film. Classic.

  • hobojoe0858
    hobojoe08584 månader sedan

    One of the Andes tells Angel "You wanna be a big cop in a small town? Fuck off up the model village!" Later he fucks up the model village in the fight with Skinner.

  • kaz za
    kaz za4 månader sedan

    PLEASE do the worlds end!! Can't wait!

  • Penny Wood
    Penny Wood4 månader sedan

    Sandford is the fictional place name they use in Police training scenarios.

  • Emma M
    Emma M4 månader sedan

    I’m so happy there is a part 2, proves it’s the BEST FILM

  • Sapphirewingthefurrycritic
    Sapphirewingthefurrycritic4 månader sedan

    12:11 Yeah, that's not V for victory the way Danny has his had. It's a rude gesture in Britain, don't do that unless you want an ass kicking.

  • Sapphirewingthefurrycritic
    Sapphirewingthefurrycritic4 månader sedan

    The swan attack was hilarious.

  • idkagoodname
    idkagoodname4 månader sedan

    I like this film but honestly it is criminally underated

  • IvyHilts
    IvyHilts4 månader sedan

    In the fight at the model of the town, they destroy all the places that are destroyed in the town itself, including de pinnacle of the church.

  • Clay White
    Clay White4 månader sedan

    There fight in the model village is Angel and Skinner fighting over the village

  • chris
    chris4 månader sedan

    “Make Sandford great again” oh no oh no oh no no no no

  • Tom_will 123
    Tom_will 1234 månader sedan

    Just a fact it’s a cathedral not a church I live by the place it was filmed and it’s a cathedral

  • V Pedia
    V Pedia4 månader sedan

    In shaun of the dead simon pegg's shaun says that nick forst's ed shot his sister once with an air gun. Now in hot fuzz nick frost's danny shoots the game exhibitor in the leg with an air gun accidentally after which simon pegg's angel says "he's a doctor, he''ll deal with it"

  • your-slytherin- buddy
    your-slytherin- buddy4 månader sedan

    Me wondering why he never did worlds end

  • Glyn Leine
    Glyn Leine4 månader sedan

    I just found out there's no EGA of the world's end???

  • fiercepanda101 playstation
    fiercepanda101 playstation5 månader sedan

    I love how nick frost is always the goofy one but then it completely flipps in the world's end

  • Jon Woods
    Jon Woods5 månader sedan

    The car being towed away when Skinner introduces himself for the first time to Angel while out jogging is Danny's from his drunken binge in the opening night in Sanford. Same number plates.

  • Maxfield Joyner
    Maxfield Joyner5 månader sedan

    Finish the cornetto trilogy! Do everything great about The World’s End!!

  • Shadi Razavi
    Shadi Razavi5 månader sedan

    2:14 omg😂😂 the fact that this movie was made in 2006😳

  • punklover99
    punklover995 månader sedan

    Efap: RIP

  • Harls071 2
    Harls071 25 månader sedan

    Do Paul

  • Stephen E
    Stephen E5 månader sedan

    The upwards slow motion camera angle of them mirrors the scene they watched from Bad Boys II. Everything in the movie had the highest attention to detail. Comedy? How about the stockboys throwing fruit at the police officers, and the cops opening fire with automatic weapons and shotguns! Hahaha So many blink and you miss it comedy gold moments.

  • Sandy Ramhoff
    Sandy Ramhoff5 månader sedan

    so...everything great about the world's end?

  • Stefan Feddermann
    Stefan Feddermann5 månader sedan

    quick reminder we're still missing a EGA The World's End

  • Sam Morrissey
    Sam Morrissey5 månader sedan

    The poster in the back of the store where they get the cornetto is for The Killers Hot Fuss. The lady at the counter asks "No luck catching them killers then?"

  • Popspider
    Popspider5 månader sedan

    If a sequel were made it would be awesome lol