Everything GREAT About Mad Max: Fury Road! (Part 3)

And now the epic conclusion! Thanks for a great year, I made a playlist of all the videos from this year in case you missed any.

my vids from 2020:

EGA Fury Road (Part 1): seblacks.info/cold/video/sH-YmayIaIqBaIo.html
EGA Fury Road (Part 2): seblacks.info/cold/video/a3Siq61mja6ei4Y.html

Movies with Mikey - Fury Road: seblacks.info/cold/video/fpiUyX-Gm4SZhKw.html

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  • derek694
    derek6943 dagar sedan

    Can you do everything great about real steel

  • Kenji's Twin Brother
    Kenji's Twin Brother5 dagar sedan

    Not gunna lie. I would LOVE an old Mel to come back for like the last movie of Mad Max for him to finally be killed off in some great way.

  • Spicy Croissant
    Spicy Croissant5 dagar sedan

    One thing I don't see anyone mention is, when they ride into the storm in the beginning, the scale of it is so massive it throws off the near by magnetic field. This messes with Joes compass so he refused to go in because he wants control over the situation

  • Luke Hicks
    Luke Hicks10 dagar sedan

    Love the positivity after reading all the bagging on the fan pages. Well done.

  • Gábor Bálint
    Gábor Bálint19 dagar sedan

    I wonder where the game fits in the timeline. The Interceptor is destroyed in the movie but it's taken away from Max in the beginning of the game. That would be a prequel but Immortan Joe is already dead in the backstory and Scaborous Scrotus is his son.

  • Booker TheTwit
    Booker TheTwit24 dagar sedan

    6:02 wait is that Clunes?

  • Jacob Bishop
    Jacob Bishop26 dagar sedan


  • jacqui ollard
    jacqui ollardMånad sedan

    FYI i live in Australia - around here the sand is orange and the sky is blue and there are a fuck load of crows

  • Friendlynehborhoodgay
    FriendlynehborhoodgayMånad sedan

    2:03 so…he’s a video game protagonist in a movie.

  • michael oz
    michael ozMånad sedan


  • Evan Emgushov
    Evan EmgushovMånad sedan

    I Love Mad Max Fury Road Because Of The Cars

  • Blah Anger
    Blah AngerMånad sedan

    "Mediocre" is not being harsh it means you're one of us :p

  • Artturi Riihonen
    Artturi Riihonen2 månader sedan

    My favourite take on the Mad Max chronology is that it does not matter, and they are closer to Arthurian legend than a straightforward narrative. They read more like oral history; stories told and passed through generations, set in disparate times and locations but tied together by theme, with the legendary Max inserted into the wandering hero role and his canon moulding the stories around him. There may have been a real Max at some point, influential enough to be inserted into events he could not have been a part of, or he may have never even existed. What matters is what the stories say about the world and the people in it.

  • Sasho Tsenov
    Sasho Tsenov2 månader sedan

    I feel like Russell Crowe could make a Mad Max as good as or better than Tom Hardy

  • Sarah P
    Sarah P2 månader sedan

    I had no idea about the senses! So cool to know. I have loved this whole series, thank you so much!

  • J H
    J H2 månader sedan

    Fury road took place before Road warrior then Thunderdome. You can tell because the vehicles and resources devolve

  • CainCrow
    CainCrow2 månader sedan

    I can't believe you made three videos out of this piece of shit movie. I appreciate your optimism and how you shine a light on movies that genuinely deserve more love. But this should've been your shortest video. Everything great: the visuals are pretty stunning and it's kind of cool it has the the same actor from the first film. I love Mad Max and this film is stupid, bad writing, mediocre acting and just fkn embarrassing. He survived that car crash at the beginning!? Sweet! I didn't realise he was a superhero!

  • mason Cardamone
    mason Cardamone2 månader sedan


  • Rowena Pascual
    Rowena Pascual2 månader sedan

    I agree that I'll never get tired of watching Mad Max Fury Road!! Tom Hardy is perfect as Max & Charlize Theron is amazing as Furiosa!!

  • macmurfy2jka
    macmurfy2jka2 månader sedan

    Such a wonderful film. Still thinking about it to this day. A masterpiece indeed.

  • vic arroliga
    vic arroliga2 månader sedan

    Ok ok :| 👍🏻

  • fran_cesco
    fran_cesco2 månader sedan

    My gosh, this is the most positive and wholesome comment section ever.

  • Taler Morvant
    Taler Morvant2 månader sedan

    Max is in limbo he is like death he is there as people pass on and to go home

  • Ryan
    Ryan2 månader sedan

    maybe you should express yourself more respectful about george miller

  • Alex Quenneville
    Alex Quenneville2 månader sedan

    When I got mad max furry road on DVD I watched it 8 times in one day

  • Suzy Syrett
    Suzy Syrett2 månader sedan

    Just watched the 3 Everything Great with Fury Road back to back and damn, you absolutely nailed TSL many aspects of what I too love about this film. Thanks so much for making them! And, now we’re in 2021, I hope it’s a terrific year for you and I’m so looking forward to watching (and reflecting on!) your videos. Stay safe too dude.

  • holylicious
    holylicious3 månader sedan

    i hated this movie when i saw it and ive never seen it since that day, might give it a second try now

  • Alexandre KYHENG
    Alexandre KYHENG3 månader sedan

    We all love your work man (and all the people that help you or support you for making it) !! Wish you all the best for everything you do ! Much love

  • nfwrambo
    nfwrambo3 månader sedan

    You should watch the mad max bible channel, you’ll learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the franchise, guy even got in touch with a lot of the crew from this movie

  • Massid
    Massid3 månader sedan

    please make everything great about bolt

  • Jim S
    Jim S3 månader sedan

    The most amazing movie that has the worst screenplay/plot. An absolute masterpiece with no pretension.

  • Massid
    Massid3 månader sedan

    Please make everything great about bolt

  • streaky
    streaky3 månader sedan

    Not even gonna talk about Ace's story and how he came to be in the movie?

  • Wojciech Wilimowski
    Wojciech Wilimowski3 månader sedan

    Please make a part 4 in a year

  • Martin Jonasson
    Martin Jonasson3 månader sedan

    Army proverb: We got away with the lost sheep... ...which in Swedish sounds exactly like "that was by the margin of a p***y-hair".

  • Martin Jonasson
    Martin Jonasson3 månader sedan


  • Robert Peters
    Robert Peters3 månader sedan

    Mad max is a Loner...who sucks at being alone, but still wants to be. He fails when he's alone, he wins when he's got a cause and a team, but he will always leave in the end.

    MR MISM3 månader sedan

    Video 18 of asking for Jurassic Park

  • Handsome Italian
    Handsome Italian4 månader sedan

    Theory! I find the actor change from Gibson to Tom Hardy is similar to the doctor from doctor who changing actors. Maybe Max is a time lord who lost his TARDIS?’

  • Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation
    Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation4 månader sedan

    Everything Great About Willow?

  • Sparky Cooper
    Sparky Cooper4 månader sedan

    Also in these stories mad isn't the main character because they are stories about max from the eyes of others in this case furiosa. That's why it doesn't matter what max looks like fully it more the idea of max..... This may not even be the same max furiosa just assumed it him in her retelling of it..

  • Michael Flynn
    Michael Flynn4 månader sedan

    I love this Channel. Thanks man ^_^

  • Tyler Busse
    Tyler Busse4 månader sedan

    I love this channel so much for at once: reminding me of the movies I love so that I watch them again, opening my eyes to the little things in those movies to make me love them even more, and for the sheer earnestness and excitement the video author exudes over these films. It’s simply wonderful to watch. Keep it up my friend.

  • oikawa tooru
    oikawa tooru4 månader sedan

    "Art evolves as we do", this a million times. My brother always gives me shit for rereading or rewatching something a bunch of times but I love doing it because I always get a new piece of the story, and it's a whole new me consuming the media.

  • Spltheart
    Spltheart4 månader sedan

    I like how 8:24 is panned to the right

  • Jack Marshall
    Jack Marshall5 månader sedan

    You are an amazing person

  • Morningstar
    Morningstar5 månader sedan

    In the next Mad Max movie I want to see a character who's similar to Mad Max in their life story and he in their life sorry. Who picks up Max and through their interactions he learns everything that Max learns in Fury Road. But really this whole story that I just came up with is just an excuse to have the character driving a tricked out in modified DeLorean.

  • eaglei1999
    eaglei19995 månader sedan

    Could you do one about troy (2004) one my favourites of all time

  • Carlos Vasquez
    Carlos Vasquez5 månader sedan

    Art evolves as we do, I needed to hear that

  • beageler
    beageler5 månader sedan

    Man, I'm so old. At the text plug at the end "Some more EGA videos you might just enjoy" I thought "Surely there are no videos with Enhanced Graphics Adapter screen modes on youtube..." Yes, I got that it means "Everything Great About..."

  • Pepijn W.
    Pepijn W.5 månader sedan

    You forgot one i Of the details, they're using Mercedes-Benz emblems as machine gun scopes. The bikes later in the movie are lengthened, as they could have been found. As this was a popular trend with hayubusa's, and they portray a loading bed like a truck bed to go anywhere as nomads.

  • Mover Bob
    Mover Bob5 månader sedan

    Love the tnt reference. It’s probably where I first watch the old movies.

  • Rekaert
    Rekaert5 månader sedan

    The good films are wonderful the first time you watch them. The great films get better with every subsequent watch.

  • Anthony Bowman
    Anthony Bowman5 månader sedan

    Fury Road is a perfect, 10 or 10, film. Period. There might be 10-15 ever made in this category, and this one is in it for sure.

  • TheDooieBall
    TheDooieBall5 månader sedan

    I'm so very glad you finally covered this movie. It's one of my favorites of all time, and seeing so much appreciation from someone else will greatly increase apprecation in all future viewings of the movie :)

    BYGTOPP25 månader sedan

    I want the war rig horn for my truck

  • darthkonstantinoz
    darthkonstantinoz5 månader sedan

    Do Guigermo Del Toro's "Pan's Labyrinth" next!

  • Dom Monteiro
    Dom Monteiro5 månader sedan

    I have been watching your videos all throughout college and I have now graduated and just want to say thanks cause your videos brought me comfort in some rough times. Thank you :)

  • Jo E
    Jo E5 månader sedan

    Some of the scenes of Beyond Thunderdome were filmed at the Cronulla Sandhills near where I grew up in the southern suburbs of Sydney. I still live close by. I clearly remember when filming was happening. Sadly, much of the Sandhills have been mined or eroded away. You can also see the Sandhills from the beach side in the film “Puberty Blues” which is set on the Cronulla Beaches.

  • zoids37
    zoids375 månader sedan

    Even the amount of detail given to the grease on Furiousa's head needs to be discussed as how slowly it fades and changes, so too does the character and title of the Imperator. Initially, used as a trademark look to signify dominance and garner respect from war boys; in another perspective can be related back to the survival aspect of the environment. In my opinion the grease is used also as crude sun block and attempt to seal the sweat glands, further preserving water. While another nice detail to signify the wastes around them, it reminds me of an old adage, "to live long, keep your head cool, and your feet hot". I could go on forever but even the lack of grease at the end of the story is used to show off the theme of redemption as well.

  • Tuna Yüksel
    Tuna Yüksel5 månader sedan

    Do everything great about tangled

  • Chilla
    Chilla5 månader sedan

    why are u geh?

  • Blaine Drummond
    Blaine Drummond5 månader sedan

    I've seen this movie a few times but I feel like these videos are showing scenes I've never seen/don't remember. Am I forgetting things or is there a longer cut somewhere?

  • Comrade Jet
    Comrade Jet5 månader sedan

    I just love the idea of Max just being some kind of mythical creature, going around the wastelands helping people in this dead world undying and unbreakable.

  • ManWild
    ManWild5 månader sedan

    One of the best ways that I've heard someone describe these movies is that they're stories in a post apocalypse that are told around a campfire about the legendary Road Warrior

  • Bill José
    Bill José5 månader sedan

    In The Road Warrior, the better place they are going to at the end of the film is The Sunshine Coast, where I currently live haha. Max is shown a pamphlet for a brief second as proof.

  • Kaine Peterson
    Kaine Peterson5 månader sedan

    CinemaWins if you’re ever in the mood for more Mad Max, y’all should check out Wasteland Weekend. Gooooood stuff my friend

  • Robert Byrd
    Robert Byrd5 månader sedan

    You did it! You got the video up before the end of the year! Woot Woot Woot! :) Thanks for a really great 3-part video!

  • Mr.Alastor
    Mr.Alastor5 månader sedan

    Nux could have lived and ejected and got to the other car like using the gas lock

  • Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)
    Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)5 månader sedan

    a theory i have is that in the first movie during the news cast that Max saw, they talked about oceans drying out etc, and after he crashed later on, he slipped into a coma and this is all a dream, thus explaining why he is still young in Fury Road, as that shouldnt be possible at all. nothing in Mad Max makes sense, which makes this theory sensible. Max is in a coma and the movies and everything after his crash in the first one is all a coma dream.

  • Idán Shir
    Idán Shir5 månader sedan

    Hey, Just wanted to let you know that I watch these during my panic attacks. They do a tremendous job calming me down. Your videos are very wholesome, well researched and well made. So thank you very much for not only for being the antithesis to that other channel I'm not gonna name, and for helping deal with my mental health issue. Cheers :)

  • Harry Fletch
    Harry Fletch5 månader sedan

    First 3 movies ranked 2 1 Daylight 3

  • Amanda d'Adesky
    Amanda d'Adesky5 månader sedan

    Lee, you and yours never fail to bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. Thank you for that. 💚

  • Hibiki Verney
    Hibiki Verney5 månader sedan

    Into the wasteland 2023!!!

  • mradul dubey
    mradul dubey5 månader sedan


  • Niclas Lööf
    Niclas Lööf5 månader sedan

    I feel that you're being unfair to Miller by saying he dosen't care. He does care. There is no continuity in Mad Max, but there is a clear pattern. The first film is about his loss of sanity, his humanity, and each of Millers films after that ends with Max regaining some of his humanity through making positive change for the people around him but ultimately unable change his own life as his demons haunt him. The video game (which Miller was heavily involved with in the early/conceptual stages of it's development) takes a different approach to the Mad Max legend by putting Max in a position where he can finally make that change for himself, only to experience his past trauma all over again, pushing him further into madness. The game is an excellent but underrated character study for this reason. Miller has embraced Mad Max as a modern legend in a fictional world and it's brilliant. Fun fact: George Miller mentored Game Director Corey Barlog (God of War 2, God of War 2018) for a time. Miller described games as having the visual and audio spectacle of a film along with the same potential for storytelling depth and detail as a book. Also related to Barlog. Steven Spielberg (who also admires games) said that his one problem with games was their inability to make gameplay and storytelling flow naturally and blamed cutscenes for this. Barlog achieved this flow with God of War 2018 through the "One Shot" technique.

  • Max Cooper
    Max Cooper5 månader sedan

    Could you please do the world's end

  • MrWilson 2020
    MrWilson 20205 månader sedan

    I really loved the alternative language in the film. Lots of invented terms that still sound like Australian slang.

  • Richard Oldman
    Richard Oldman5 månader sedan

    I watched Fury Road in the theater in June, 2015, and really liked it, especially the Nux character. Three months later I found out I had late stage Colon cancer. Many surgeries and chemotherapy. Nux became my hero.

  • Replicaate
    Replicaate5 månader sedan

    The theory I personally go with is that Max was never the same guy for each story - he's more of an amalgamation of a few different Wasteland characters who were made into one legendary figure, kinda like Robin Hood or King Arthur. Hence why little things seem to change in each movie, he's no longer a real person but a figure whose deeds are continually embroidered by wasteland storytellers as time goes on.

  • Robert Ramsey
    Robert Ramsey5 månader sedan

    Wait so the guy that made this made happy feet, that is a big difference in movie but still cool.

  • Evan Malcolm
    Evan Malcolm5 månader sedan

    Dead man’s chest next!

  • TheEnchilada Kid
    TheEnchilada Kid5 månader sedan

    What's the deal with the compass going funny? I wonder is it because they are crossing a magnetic pole

  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds5 månader sedan

    THE WASTELANDS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds5 månader sedan


  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds5 månader sedan


  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProds5 månader sedan

    THIS MOVIE IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OrangeeTang
    OrangeeTang5 månader sedan

    213 you mean. 😉

  • emo_coconut666
    emo_coconut6665 månader sedan

    I think the douf wagon has a use, in a world where everyone straight pipe their exhaust, tenitus is commonplace. Now I believe he is used to help coordinate much like a drummer boy during the revolution times. His music helps keep the pace and lets the other riders know when they are stoping or moving out. Also I imagine it helps with morale.

  • the cellulon triptometer
    the cellulon triptometer5 månader sedan

    Indeed, this movie is an instant classic. The pace it keeps is astounding, and the believable yet over the top car wars scenes are as brilliant as a thousand suns. Perhaps the most enjoyable thing about the movie is immersing oneself into the world of Fury Road with it's lore, religion, retro-tech, all centered on a shared humanity. Every character has their human wants and needs. From Immortan Joe wanting progeny; to the wives wanting freedom; to the People Eater wanting order through accounting and Furioso wanting redemption. Every character wants some basic human need fulfilled, even Max who just wants to clear his head from the painful memories of his past. I adore this film, and sincerely hope that if George Miller does not continue the series, some equally skilled filmmaker picks up the chrome gauntlet and continues the story.

  • Fran Gorno
    Fran Gorno5 månader sedan

    "I don't think I'll ever get tired of Mad Max: Fury Road" Truer words have never been spoken.

  • Chronic Spaceman
    Chronic Spaceman5 månader sedan


  • The Fightin Caucasian
    The Fightin Caucasian5 månader sedan

    A great movie you should do is Warrior, Tom hardy does a great job and it’s a great movie

  • Xavier Lunianga
    Xavier Lunianga5 månader sedan

    Hey is there a possibility to do an EGA about The Green Mile?

  • Gavin Lewis
    Gavin Lewis5 månader sedan

    Do Push 2009.

  • Martin Yates
    Martin Yates5 månader sedan

    I would love to see you do Everything Great About Paranorman! It's a brilliant and criminally underrated movie (and I think you're at your best discussing animation, and there's so much WIN to discuss with stop motion!)

  • Hemish Harinesh
    Hemish Harinesh5 månader sedan

    Can you do everything great about narnia

  • David Curran
    David Curran5 månader sedan

    You have to do everything great about 1917

  • Charlotte Thatcher
    Charlotte Thatcher5 månader sedan

    This. This is why I prefer you to CinemaSins. I don't care if he's satire or whatever, I would much rather see someone who genuinely loves these movies, and even goes over the flaws. Liking things is definitely WAY more fun then not liking things

  • Gabriel Munos
    Gabriel Munos5 månader sedan

    Miss you :)