Everything GREAT About WandaVision! (Episodes 7-9)

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The final 3 episodes of WandaVision! Here's everything right with Breaking the Fourth Wall, Previously On, and The Series Finale!

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  • BioChemoPhysio Science
    BioChemoPhysio Science5 timmar sedan

    That sword truck/rover sort of reminded me of ‘the Martian’

  • lottie_editss
    lottie_editss12 timmar sedan

    the way that this show deals with depression and loss is perfect. it doesn't romanticise or over-dramaticise it (*cough cough* twilight) and it shows that the only way to work through grief is to face it. it's sad that we don't see that lesson very often in media. (also, it would be really cool if you did videos for the other disney+ series!)

  • Zander Newson
    Zander NewsonDag sedan

    So I literally just found out there was post end credit scenes. It’s so annoying as I just assumed that was gonna be movies. I remember thinking I must have missed something when White Vision turned up, and then seeing the Skrulls and Wanda being Scarlet Witch. It’s annoying!!

  • CompleteMCUGeek
    CompleteMCUGeekDag sedan

    Triple dog dare you to redo a few of your earlier mcu films now that the infinity saga is finished

  • Ryan Japan
    Ryan JapanDag sedan

    8:11 Wut?

  • Matthew Embree
    Matthew Embree3 dagar sedan

    Gotta love the Office Space reference. You really are THE MAN

  • Marshall Coffey
    Marshall Coffey3 dagar sedan

    I am very surprised you didn't say this or if you have a different opinion but in my viewings I found out at least in my eyes the title isn't Wanda and vision its Wanda's vision for her perfect life

  • derek694
    derek6943 dagar sedan

    Can you do everything great about real steel

  • alex Paul
    alex Paul4 dagar sedan

    What's great about this show is that everything disappointing about the show is caused because of outside influence, like the comics and stuff like that.

  • DCninja77
    DCninja776 dagar sedan

    Wait so if they got married her name would literally be Wanda Vision. Brooo that would literally be a roll credits

  • Ktotz10
    Ktotz106 dagar sedan

    We knew something important about the loki series before it came out! In the 2010's episodes ad is for medication. The medication is called nexus. Like the nexus events we see in loki!

  • Starlight Melody
    Starlight Melody6 dagar sedan

    I feel like everyone who was disappointed with the ending were the same people that had too big of expectations and, when it comes to Marvel, our big assumptions are usually our downfall.

  • Shadowkey392
    Shadowkey3926 dagar sedan

    I’m surprised you didn’t catch the fact that “Agatha All Along” is almost the same tune as the theme to “The Munsters.”

  • Lalesska Hernandez
    Lalesska Hernandez7 dagar sedan

    Wandavision 😭❤

  • A Corner of The Internet
    A Corner of The Internet7 dagar sedan

    what is it with shows and defenestration?

  • gophermanX
    gophermanX7 dagar sedan

    Very disappointed that it was "White Vision" that caught on instead of "Vision in White"

  • Christopher Fiore
    Christopher Fiore9 dagar sedan

    So since we were without a parenting moment from Dr. Strange would that point at Wanda being his superior??

  • Christopher Fiore
    Christopher Fiore9 dagar sedan

    "Previously on X-Men"

  • Inês Homem Cardoso
    Inês Homem Cardoso9 dagar sedan

    Geez, imagine Doctor Strange being so done and having to deal with Wanda and Loki, without the time stone... Poor fucking Stephen

  • Meggu Bravo
    Meggu Bravo10 dagar sedan

    Wait so if his first name is The and his last name is Vision that makes Wanda's married name.. WANDA VISION

  • DemonAlchemist
    DemonAlchemist10 dagar sedan

    No reference to the fact that Malcolm in the Middle started after Wanda's parents died? Only plot hole I noticed in this series.

  • Xx_TankGuy_xX
    Xx_TankGuy_xX10 dagar sedan

    That was the smoothest sponsor transition I have ever seen

  • Ashleigh Watkins
    Ashleigh Watkins10 dagar sedan

    Are you going to do The Falcon and The Winter Solder and Loki?

  • Hopps !
    Hopps !10 dagar sedan

    Fake vision aka “facation”

  • Ashe Marlow
    Ashe Marlow11 dagar sedan

    Personally, I think Monica will go for the name Photon because it was her mother's call sign

  • Jamelle Cooper
    Jamelle Cooper12 dagar sedan

    I hated this show. I can't say it made me give up on the MUC, but I think that all good things must come to an end. This show made it more clear to me than ever that they are just in it for the money at this point. I, for one, will no longer be a part of it.

  • Rapti 123
    Rapti 12312 dagar sedan

    pirates of the caribbean dead man's chest?

  • Abysswalker
    Abysswalker12 dagar sedan

    Can you do demon slayer mugen train please and thank you

  • Griffin Martin
    Griffin Martin13 dagar sedan

    Can you do everything great about Luca?

  • JuhisO-o comments and watches
    JuhisO-o comments and watches13 dagar sedan

    you should watch "A Monster Calls" it is a really good movie

  • I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that
    I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that13 dagar sedan

    Hey, CinemaWins. Are you planning on doing a video for Blade Runner 2049? It's been a while since it came out, and as one of the greatest sequels ever made, not a lot of people know about it. It needs your help

  • Guse Falito
    Guse Falito13 dagar sedan

    Kathryn Hahn went above and beyond with this role. She knocked it out of the park

  • Kaung Zuida
    Kaung Zuida13 dagar sedan

    hiya, Just wondering if you’d seen le choriste it’s a beating film with stunning music and a lovely plot plus there are so few reviews on it, you could have alot of fun with it. it’s quite the hidden gem!

  • Lego IG-88
    Lego IG-8813 dagar sedan

    I’ve seen so many people constantly shit on WandaVision that now it feels illegal to see videos that notice the good in WandaVision

  • Bad Brosky
    Bad Brosky13 dagar sedan

    I would love it if you could do one of these marvelous takes on The Wolfman 2010

  • Chayton dove
    Chayton dove13 dagar sedan

    Hey could you do everything great about the green hornet from 2011 staring seth Rogen. It's an amazing movie that is very funny and shows a ruff relationship between a father and a son.

  • Katie Bearne
    Katie Bearne13 dagar sedan

    Hi can you please do a video about inside by Bo Burnham

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster13 dagar sedan

    you should do 'The Tomorrow War' for you next film

  • Frostbite
    Frostbite13 dagar sedan

    Do luca

  • i am that is
    i am that is13 dagar sedan

    You should do one on Johnny English Reborn!

  • Ayela Phoebe
    Ayela Phoebe13 dagar sedan

    just watched all your videos over the last few days as they make me smile and remember why i love cinema and films so much. i'd love it if you did tangled as it's a gorgeous film with amazing music and phenomenal animation. have a great day!

  • BiG yEe
    BiG yEe13 dagar sedan

    You should do a video on Django

  • Jamie Williams
    Jamie Williams13 dagar sedan

    Everything great about super bad !

  • Joseph Powell
    Joseph Powell14 dagar sedan

    Movie recommendation watch Demon Slayer Mugen Train you’ll have to watch the anime first for it to make sense but if you could win it that would make my summer

  • Isaac Hawker
    Isaac Hawker14 dagar sedan

    Okay- saw the rescuers down under again as an adult, and there’s a lot of little details I appreciated! Mind tackling it soon?

  • Axel Martinez
    Axel Martinez14 dagar sedan

    Can you review the movie nobody?

  • landon palmer
    landon palmer14 dagar sedan

    Can you do an everything great about Luca? it's been weeks since you posted which I can understand.

  • Courtney Cole
    Courtney Cole14 dagar sedan

    I was bawling

  • The 49th Judge
    The 49th Judge14 dagar sedan

    I wonder if you will win both The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons, would love to see them both.

  • nhện nhọ review
    nhện nhọ review15 dagar sedan

    The final ep make me cry

  • Chloi Love
    Chloi Love15 dagar sedan

    Maybe at some point, you can do a video about Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, just a suggestion.

  • Alex Cox
    Alex Cox15 dagar sedan

    3:22 holy shit. TVA foreshadowing

  • White Asian
    White Asian15 dagar sedan

    Can you do elysium at some point? I feel like that film is super underrated

  • Eiran Keating
    Eiran Keating15 dagar sedan

    The virgin Cinema sins vs the Chad cinema wins

  • chemical snub
    chemical snub16 dagar sedan

    do luca

  • Starmis
    Starmis16 dagar sedan

    Can you do Everything Great about Spirited Away?

  • Bk Ninja

    Bk Ninja

    15 dagar sedan

    Apparently there's some kind of shenanigans with the rights to Ghibli movies that make them untouchable. At least that's what I'm lead to believe, I haven't looked into it that in depth but he's mentioned something about it before and how it's the reason he hasn't done any yet.

  • monkeyman1ooo
    monkeyman1ooo16 dagar sedan

    I know im gonna be the only one asking for this, but you should check out the Rescuers movies if you havent

  • Kamryn White
    Kamryn White16 dagar sedan

    Love this video!! Can you do a review of American Assassin?

  • AlphamonXII
    AlphamonXII16 dagar sedan

    You should do the Movie Nobody

  • Faze baby yoda
    Faze baby yoda17 dagar sedan

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  • TheGoodWitchLuzura
    TheGoodWitchLuzura17 dagar sedan

    Please make a video on Luca!

  • Rowan Hawkes
    Rowan Hawkes17 dagar sedan

    You should do a video on black widow

  • Andy Mao
    Andy Mao17 dagar sedan

    How come no new videos?

  • Yehudis Friedman
    Yehudis Friedman17 dagar sedan

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REACT TO UNDERWORLD(2003) it’s cinematic perfection

  • ThatSquirtleGuy
    ThatSquirtleGuy17 dagar sedan

    Could you do Luca next , if you think it’s goid

  • A Tree
    A Tree17 dagar sedan

    I think Wanda, from here, will have to be either PURE evil, the overall bad guy of the next phase in the Avengers (like Thanos), or be an actual Gen 2 Avenger, no in between. Because otherwise, this show makes no sense.

  • J-117
    J-11718 dagar sedan

    Can we get the 9 movie? Y'know, the movie with all the machines, war, and Sackpunks?

  • Michael Arreola
    Michael Arreola18 dagar sedan

    Where's godzilla vs kong!!??

  • LostKnight0727
    LostKnight072718 dagar sedan

    This probably won't get noticed, but I'd love to see some EGA videos on some hated films(Green Lantern, Fan4, Hulk for example). I personally enjoy watching movies without comparing them to other movies(unless it's a direct sequel).

  • TiptoePage plays
    TiptoePage plays18 dagar sedan

    You won't do ,"the perfect game".

  • SuperDuperShylo
    SuperDuperShylo18 dagar sedan

    Anyone wondering where Lee's been? hope everything's been ok

  • Nickrak


    15 dagar sedan

    @John Schmidt I just checked his Twitter, their new baby was born and so they've likely been busy with that. Also he has a video in progress.

  • John Schmidt

    John Schmidt

    17 dagar sedan

    Was just wondering the same and theres nothing said about it. Like he disappeared

  • armond smith II
    armond smith II18 dagar sedan

    Do smurfs the lost village

  • LDealer
    LDealer18 dagar sedan

    Can we get next an "Everything great about The Hater"? Its a great polish drama available on Netflix that focuses on many interesting themes such as politics, ideologies, social status and extremism.

  • Shahryar Hussain
    Shahryar Hussain18 dagar sedan

    It'd be really cool if you did Cars

  • Rebecca Sumby
    Rebecca Sumby19 dagar sedan

    The fact that this video was a month ago might mean that you guys have a new baby now so congratulations if so

  • Christopher Pacheco
    Christopher Pacheco19 dagar sedan

    can you do hardcore henry?

  • C-Force521
    C-Force52119 dagar sedan

    Please please PLEASE do an episode on The A-Team film. I love that shit and while it isn’t perfect, it’s a really fun fking movie

  • Snel Huddy
    Snel Huddy19 dagar sedan

    Still waiting for the rest of the Pirates franchise

  • Sam Darkmoon Sam Darkmoon
    Sam Darkmoon Sam Darkmoon19 dagar sedan


  • Moss 01
    Moss 0119 dagar sedan

    please do a cinemawins for the expanse

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    Rohan Arora19 dagar sedan

    can you guys do a wins episode about the Cars trilogy

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    Kalel Ramirez19 dagar sedan

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    Rowan Hawkes20 dagar sedan

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  • ZaireOasis
    ZaireOasis20 dagar sedan

    i know im probably late to asking about movies, but one movie i really want to see a "everything great about _____" but i really love the movie Mortal Engines and i do not think it deserved its 26% on rotten tomatoes. i loved how every scene looked and i loved how everything played out

  • Colin Bell
    Colin Bell20 dagar sedan

    If (and when) you do The Tomorrow War, if JK Simmons doesn't get a beautiful beard win, Ill commit a felony

  • James G
    James G20 dagar sedan

    I miss your videos!!!😕

  • Carter Petersen
    Carter Petersen20 dagar sedan

    Do the reboot planet of the apes

  • Gabriel Ortiz
    Gabriel Ortiz20 dagar sedan

    When will he come back?

  • Henry ESJ
    Henry ESJ20 dagar sedan

    Can you do everything about Dead Mans Chest then At Worlds End right after that.

  • Boopity Doopity
    Boopity Doopity21 dag sedan


  • Skye reave
    Skye reave21 dag sedan

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    Hogan Bergene21 dag sedan

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    Thomas22 dagar sedan

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  • Lara Mueller
    Lara Mueller22 dagar sedan

    Is Lee okay? I’m sure he’s had his baby girl, but it’s been longer than usual. I don’t really use Twitter, does anyone know?

  • Dylan Green
    Dylan Green22 dagar sedan

    One month has passed since the avatar vanished. The fire nation has eradicated the air benders and the earth kingdom is in decline…. I couldn’t help making that sorry. We, your viewers, wish you a very amazing month!

  • Upstairs Studios
    Upstairs Studios22 dagar sedan

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  • Ronnie Hopper
    Ronnie Hopper22 dagar sedan

    Let's face it Wanda is the villain

  • theretardedgorilla
    theretardedgorilla23 dagar sedan


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    Massid23 dagar sedan

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    Everett's Vlogs And Gaming23 dagar sedan

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    Everett's Vlogs And Gaming

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  • TheBadDesperado


    22 dagar sedan

    Everything Great About Cinema Sins & Everything Wrong With Cinema Wins ?