Everything GREAT About Love and Monsters!

Love and Monsters! A movie very few saw because it came out in 2020 and skipped theaters, but it's actually…pretty fun? So here's everything right with Love and Monsters!

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  • derek694
    derek6943 dagar sedan

    Can you do everything great about real steel

  • Javaun Malcolm
    Javaun Malcolm5 dagar sedan

    The Maze Runner reference was so funny

  • Beastium
    Beastium5 dagar sedan

    i loved this show when i watched it a bit back

  • Minecraft world
    Minecraft world6 dagar sedan

    This was actually a really good movie. 8/10 That ending was… bullshit

  • The Skipper
    The Skipper8 dagar sedan

    5:49 wow even in the apocalypse Weebs found ways to survive (jk if its a proper quality, servicable weapon why wouldn't you use it? And tbh i totally would take a sword with me in a apocalypse if i could)

  • Shin Atsuji
    Shin Atsuji9 dagar sedan

    A sand gobbler is literally a mutant lamprey that can now "swim" on land.

  • Swazez
    Swazez9 dagar sedan

    That was funny we’re he brought up maze runner my favorite movies ever

  • Flaring Fox
    Flaring Fox9 dagar sedan

    Joel also learned to love Boy

  • frazer Robertson
    frazer Robertson9 dagar sedan

    My math teacher let us watch this in class today

  • João Miguel Azoia
    João Miguel Azoia9 dagar sedan

    i would love a fucking sequel. and a game. such a light hearted movie.

  • MoltenTerror 2
    MoltenTerror 211 dagar sedan

    I watched this movie with my family and it was a lot of fun 10/10

  • al hakim
    al hakim11 dagar sedan

    I want the monster journal, with Joel style description about monsters that we see or not in the movie

  • mr snop
    mr snop11 dagar sedan

    what the dog doin

  • Dejah Thoris
    Dejah Thoris13 dagar sedan

    I watched this on a flight a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed it. Would absolutely watch more.

  • corgi
    corgi13 dagar sedan

    When boy leaves I cryed

  • Benbilistic 64
    Benbilistic 6414 dagar sedan

    I really liked the m203 grenade launcher gauntlet and just the movie's creative weapons in general

  • fartpantsmcdingle
    fartpantsmcdingle16 dagar sedan

    The fact that it uses roars from other movies

  • Lesser Son
    Lesser Son19 dagar sedan

    so fucking annoying...

  • Mute
    Mute19 dagar sedan

    Gotta say Dylan O’Brien is a fantastic actor especially in maze runner and this show he’s just great in apacalytic themes

  • too kool
    too kool20 dagar sedan

    Everything about this movie is SOOOOOO gooooddd the crab scene was a little underwhelming but the rest were just *chefs kiss* the details they put into making the monsters were impressive. The storyline, how they showed great character development without having to feel a little forced. The romance that was just written out perfectly. Great acting, great cinematography. They sprinkled a little randomness in there with the robot scene but that is arguably the best scene. It catches the emotions without being too cheesy. They've written it beautifully. Plus, the jelly fishes in the sky made it so much better. It gave comfort after a long, intense journey. is it the best sci-fi, fantasy movie ever? No. But is it the best one after a while? Absolutely. 10/10, would def recommend.

  • Grizz-ly Entertainment
    Grizz-ly Entertainment20 dagar sedan

    “This is just evidence that Joel is a doofus” as a Joel myself, we are all doofus’s

  • MR puffer
    MR puffer22 dagar sedan

    u help big crab big crab helps u

  • Sketchie
    Sketchie23 dagar sedan

    1:22 It's not a pizza cutter. It's for getting to the delicious crab meat.

  • Christian Andre Hernández
    Christian Andre Hernández23 dagar sedan

    This shit is a living nightmare. Insects are pretty much real monsters, but small. I can't fucking imagine how horrible it would be to even face a spider the size of a dog, let's not think about the size of a house. And fuck your life if you get eaten/captured by one of those that use you as a fucking living egg.

  • Ferno
    Ferno24 dagar sedan

    The Dog not dying the best thing that happened

  • MysticRealm51
    MysticRealm5125 dagar sedan

    Man's was lonely for 7 years while she was out here with a whole other dude

  • Hunter Janky
    Hunter Janky27 dagar sedan

    I need to watch this movie

  • dimogorgos
    dimogorgos27 dagar sedan

    Oh my God so fukin cute I love boy

  • Joshua Kelleher
    Joshua KelleherMånad sedan

    Thank you for pointing out my hero academia reference I love my hero

  • Sparky Boi
    Sparky BoiMånad sedan

    I hope there is a sequel, heck a whole game abt this world.

  • DefNot Lesi
    DefNot LesiMånad sedan

    I loved this movie

  • King Creator
    King CreatorMånad sedan

    0:44 ay that’s the Death Star

  • J lay
    J layMånad sedan

    Just finished watching this movie for 5x a day and Damn! It’s worth every second! Specially with minhow scenes. “I’m gonna eat you like a broccoli!!!” 🤣🤣🤣 highly recommended movie!!!

  • Rex Ray
    Rex RayMånad sedan

    The asteroid reminds me of The 115 astroids sent by the Apothagons in the call of duty zombies storyline

  • Caolan Doherty
    Caolan DohertyMånad sedan

    Subscription? Earned. Bell? Yessir. Mission passed? Respect gained.

  • Caolan Doherty
    Caolan DohertyMånad sedan

    Bro you killed this video

  • Lizbeth Diaz
    Lizbeth DiazMånad sedan

    So your telling me the dog evolved but they evolved by their Intelligence instead of size

  • Ida Simonsen
    Ida SimonsenMånad sedan

    I need a spoiler before i can watch this movie... Does Boy live?

  • Bryce Tinker
    Bryce TinkerMånad sedan

    What would’ve made me happy is if Joel and the giant crab were the ones we got together

  • Damian Masq
    Damian MasqMånad sedan

    I have the worst time remembering actors real names and always call them by a character name. Michael Rooker is Merl, always Merl. There’s Merl-Merl, Space Merl, Conspiracy Merl, Detective Merl, etc, and this one is Survivor Merl

  • Ers LF
    Ers LFMånad sedan

    I love Mav1s

  • Joshwa Jorge Figaroa
    Joshwa Jorge FigaroaMånad sedan

    Bruv. are you an Ape on the DL?

  • Elite Gamer 345
    Elite Gamer 345Månad sedan

    God I’d hate to be in Australia during this movie

  • Babushka man
    Babushka manMånad sedan


  • Ollie Iden
    Ollie IdenMånad sedan

    Escuse me. I do wish to be polite but... HOW IS MICHAEL ROOKER NOT ALWAYS A WIN

  • Api
    ApiMånad sedan

    well dylan is a immediate win.

  • Ciro Spedale
    Ciro SpedaleMånad sedan

    I thought you'd try to defend the absolutely awful Doctor Who episode. Congratulatuons on not getting anywhere near that

  • Currently in Phil’s Basement
    Currently in Phil’s BasementMånad sedan

    The love between the audience and the dog

  • Currently in Phil’s Basement
    Currently in Phil’s BasementMånad sedan

    I hate animals dying in movies so much I had to look up if the dog died

  • Currently in Phil’s Basement
    Currently in Phil’s BasementMånad sedan

    Honestly my dog wouldn’t catch the frisbee either

  • Currently in Phil’s Basement
    Currently in Phil’s BasementMånad sedan

    A lot more calories yeah but when everything is big that’s not hard

  • Currently in Phil’s Basement
    Currently in Phil’s BasementMånad sedan

    This movie really balanced love and monsters better than almost any movie I have seen

  • Currently in Phil’s Basement
    Currently in Phil’s BasementMånad sedan

    I want a breath of the wild style video game

  • Pat A
    Pat AMånad sedan

    Jus reminded me that I need an EGA Tremors. Might break the 'win counter' record lol

  • Black Noir
    Black NoirMånad sedan

    I want more adventures with Yondu and young Gamora

  • hope Faye
    hope FayeMånad sedan

    Everything great abt love and monsters: 1. the fact that the downfall of human race ends up being because of our own stupidity is so much realistic 2. *Dylan O'brien* 3. Lovable characters 4. the best boy 🐕 5. no cliches and a satisfying climax 6. Dylan O'Brien again❤️ 7. Needed this during this draining pandemic era

  • MaKaI
    MaKaIMånad sedan

    I think she didn't tell him she had a boyfriend because she still had feelings

  • eliaslolidk clips
    eliaslolidk clipsMånad sedan

    i was so fucking pissed when he yelled at boy and he ran away but then boy saved them

  • Monika took The fucking kids
    Monika took The fucking kidsMånad sedan

    Best part about the movie is how the monsters look. That’s not an insult, the monsters here look AMAZING. This movie has better looking monsters than Godzilla

  • Imnotdino
    ImnotdinoMånad sedan

    Original monster sounds *Uses muto noise from godzilla 2014 for the crab monster*

  • Allen Crom
    Allen CromMånad sedan

    I've never gone through a breakup but I knew about the girl almost straight away

  • Jez Moz
    Jez MozMånad sedan

    Me : the *SIMP* movie

  • Jackson Taylor
    Jackson TaylorMånad sedan

    Thank you mr Boulder snail

  • Megan Trantham
    Megan TranthamMånad sedan

    Lol the end "I let you hold it and you almost lost it"

    BLUSHMånad sedan

    I loved this movie ☺

  • Jay_Endernite
    Jay_EnderniteMånad sedan

    Joel:little pathetic hedgehog Sonic:am I a joke to you?

  • MultiShipper ;)
    MultiShipper ;)Månad sedan

    The whole Movie is amazing lol

  • Toaster Waffee
    Toaster WaffeeMånad sedan

    I recommend to watch this

  • Many Bees
    Many BeesMånad sedan

    Movie: has multiple holes because of bugs People with trypophobia: *Screaming*

  • Leucosion
    LeucosionMånad sedan

    Damn why'd they have to make an Aussie the bad guy.

  • ZR Gamer
    ZR Gamer2 månader sedan

    11:29 (no reason to click its just the 100 win counter)

  • Mr Grimmbo
    Mr Grimmbo2 månader sedan

    8:06. the only thing that would make this movie better would be if the parents were killed by the giant centipede. and maybe Joel would see the squashed car sitting on the floor somewhere.

  • kevin bresnahan
    kevin bresnahan2 månader sedan

    Holy shit my (knows TOO much about bugs) phobia was made into a movie.. this looks CRAZY. Even if they nerf the "worst(s)" when I comes to fates in such a world.. talk about edge of your seat. I gota see this.. just wow XD.

  • burak kocak
    burak kocak2 månader sedan

    At 2:26 you can actually see a huge insect getting killed in the fire. Really cool detail

  • Yosh Knight
    Yosh Knight2 månader sedan

    The extremely giant monsters were to be expected. If a toad grew to the size of car, imagine how big something like a Hercules beetle, an alligator, a goliath bird eater, a gila monster, or a boa constrictor would've gotten. Those things are already massive on their own for their groupings, so these things would've gotten to the scale of a kaigu. One flaw with this movie though is that a majority of these monsters wouldn't exist because of the square cube law requiring them to use more energy to do basic bodily functions, and require them to eat even more to do so, which is why a majority of the monsters stay motionless until food gets close. Another thing with the square cube law is that a lot of these monsters would have their bones crushed under their own weight due to how massive they are.

  • Forrest Light
    Forrest Light2 månader sedan

    this movie gave my 9 year old daughter nightmares

  • Jay_Endernite


    Månad sedan

    The monsters didn’t scare me But for some reason the laches did

  • Shyawn
    Shyawn2 månader sedan

    This movie was great, had zero expectations when I went into it but it ended up hitting me in just the right places and being just the thing I needed on the day I watched it! Would be happy for more in this world but only if its as well made / thought out as this movie was, otherwise this is a lovely piece of art on its own which will have a special place in my memories because of how it affected me at the time I watched it. Very much a "right movie at the right time" sitch. :)

  • FinnAnimations
    FinnAnimations2 månader sedan

    Idk why but the shelter in this movie (the one where the main character comes from) reminded me of a fallout shelter/vault... Okay the whole movie gave me fallout vibes for some reason... Dont judge me

  • Kettle Shades
    Kettle Shades2 månader sedan

    Loved this movie

  • sakura
    sakura2 månader sedan

    6:07 he's mary poppins y'all

  • Mike Line
    Mike Line2 månader sedan

    nice. ima get it.

  • The Spider
    The Spider2 månader sedan

    Wait who is Julia someone please tell me

  • Kairos
    Kairos2 månader sedan

    This editing is great.

  • Caeden Humpage
    Caeden Humpage2 månader sedan

    11:02 oh, shoot, I don’t own any chandeliers. I’m in trouble

  • Ash-Music Vevo
    Ash-Music Vevo2 månader sedan

    Ur review sounds like ur trying to be funny an you weren't ...

  • Dan Cook
    Dan Cook2 månader sedan

    stumbled across this movie a couple months ago on a late night netflix binge and was really pleasantly surprised by how much i enjoyed it. Would be down to see what they would do with a sequel

  • Boxman
    Boxman2 månader sedan

    Do everything great about the princess bride please

  • Ink Sans
    Ink Sans2 månader sedan

    L.O.VE level of violence

  • chris kaznocha
    chris kaznocha2 månader sedan

    I wouldn’t normally choose to watch a movie like this but because of the dog 🐕 in the thumbnail and a great review I would totally watch this movie. And I like how the monsters are just gargantuan creatures we already have here on earth 🌎

  • Anya Lawrie
    Anya Lawrie2 månader sedan

    Basically kipo but live action, and I love it

  • DarkestElemental616
    DarkestElemental6162 månader sedan

    So, your review is what led me to finally watch this movie, and I wanted to say thanks!

  • Gabriel Fernando
    Gabriel Fernando2 månader sedan

    What am I missing here, am I the only one who thought this was utter shit? (whith chocolate sprinkled here and there)

  • DSAXenoN456 Krunker
    DSAXenoN456 Krunker2 månader sedan


  • DSAXenoN456 Krunker
    DSAXenoN456 Krunker2 månader sedan

    and yes this is on netflix rn Edit: i just watched it and it was great

  • DSAXenoN456 Krunker
    DSAXenoN456 Krunker2 månader sedan

    i love to movie channels this and danielccmovie or somethin

  • Flawless gamer
    Flawless gamer2 månader sedan

    I really love this movie but to bad they lost like 29 million dollars 😢

  • Giratina
    Giratina2 månader sedan

    Boy is goodest boy!

  • The fitness challenger
    The fitness challenger2 månader sedan

    It's an underrated movie with an underrated actor Dylan O'Brien

  • Charlie Fielding
    Charlie Fielding2 månader sedan

    I was also worried about Clyde and Minnow being bad guys, but the fact they weren't and just wanted to be helpful was such a nice change from most apocalyptic movies. I do believe that the apocalypse can bring out the worst in some people (source: last 2 years), but it can also bring out the best. these were 2 people travelling solo day in and day out, and it's nice to see that when they meet another person they just want to help them and care for them, because at the end of the day people should want to survive the apocalypse together.

  • Actually_ Steve745
    Actually_ Steve7452 månader sedan

    Why does the thing that crushed Joel's parents have flea legs? Is it a flea????!??!?!??!!? For some reason I want to be in this movies universe