5 GREATEST Things About WandaVision! (Episodes 1-3)

Trying this weird thing out to let you all know that I made a full-length video for the first 3 episodes of WandaVision. You asked for it, you got it: seblacks.info/cold/video/aoWE3YmFd5yCrHo.html

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  • derek694
    derek6943 dagar sedan

    Can you do everything great about real steel

  • tom og jerry morsome augeblikk og klipp! 82
    tom og jerry morsome augeblikk og klipp! 827 dagar sedan

    Beautiful Beard Win

  • Wesley Scott
    Wesley Scott8 dagar sedan

    So that's the face behind the voice. 🥳

  • John Santos
    John Santos17 dagar sedan

    Are you going to make Everything great about Godzilla vs Kong?

  • UnRipped
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  • Pablo Fierros
    Pablo Fierros18 dagar sedan

    I feel like I’m not supposed to be seeing this

  • Arath Mauricio Santa Cruz Lara
    Arath Mauricio Santa Cruz Lara19 dagar sedan

    Beautiful beard win *ding.

  • BattleRaiser's Breakdown
    BattleRaiser's Breakdown19 dagar sedan

    Lee. Could I just buy you a beer and talk about movies?

  • JamesTheFirst _
    JamesTheFirst _26 dagar sedan

    beautiful beard win DING ❤️

  • Daffy Goose
    Daffy Goose27 dagar sedan

    You look like Heisenberg in the last few episodes of Breaking Bad. Except good

  • Aaron Carlston
    Aaron Carlston28 dagar sedan

    Wow you look older then I expected. I tbought you we're going to be in your 20s for some reason

  • Connie Marie
    Connie MarieMånad sedan

    By your voice,, I thought you were a 20-30 year old guy. Lol, its refreshing to actually see you! Always supportive of CinemaWins 🎥 🏆

  • Munro Wallace
    Munro WallaceMånad sedan

    Beard win

  • Taylor Taylor
    Taylor TaylorMånad sedan

    Holy crap you look like Yannis Papis

  • SpectralSlayer
    SpectralSlayerMånad sedan

    Bro, you deserve one million wins for that beautiful beard.

  • Hannah Rose Walz
    Hannah Rose WalzMånad sedan

    I always pictured him as a clean shaven Cris Evens type with his light and friendly voice but wow!! Congrats to him for going out of his comfort zone! 👍

  • Sage Jennings
    Sage Jennings2 månader sedan

    Wait...this is what you looked like in my head. That's really freaky.

  • frobro441011
    frobro4410112 månader sedan

    I think I shit myself when there was a person on screen

  • Insert A Fun Username Here!
    Insert A Fun Username Here!2 månader sedan

    You fleshsuit looks great, ÇïńęmāWîņš, Ģøď Ôf Qűäļįťý Çöņţəńț! ^-^

  • Heishirosuke
    Heishirosuke2 månader sedan

    So THAT’s what you look like! After all these years of watching your videos, I finally know what you look like. 👍

  • 9seed
    9seed2 månader sedan


  • Mason Zikman
    Mason Zikman2 månader sedan

    Perfect example of someone's face not matching their voice

  • Micah Schmitz
    Micah Schmitz2 månader sedan

    You have a face?!?!?

  • Daddy DeGrand
    Daddy DeGrand2 månader sedan

    Despite your admiration for beautiful beards, I always imagined you being cleanly shaved.

  • Adam Moore
    Adam Moore3 månader sedan

    As far as face reveals go, I expected high and I see higher !

  • Noob G
    Noob G3 månader sedan


  • FloBraMan
    FloBraMan3 månader sedan

    I... I thought you were a different ethnicity. 😂

  • Ronin47
    Ronin473 månader sedan

    I'm gonna get a lot of hate for my opinion but.... I didn't like it

  • Jake Gaming
    Jake Gaming3 månader sedan

    This is the first time I've ever seen your face, and it is not what I expected 😂 but I do have to agree with what seems to be the major consensus, you look like the friendliest guy ever 🤣

  • AlwaysinDanger
    AlwaysinDanger3 månader sedan

    Now THERE'S, a beautiful beard win

  • Celi Verdi
    Celi Verdi3 månader sedan

    Now that's a beautiful beard win!!

  • Sébastien Chion
    Sébastien Chion3 månader sedan

    I don't know who is the guy who did all the lipsync... but he did a great job! I almost though it was really you talking !

  • TzMan
    TzMan3 månader sedan

    You need to do this again Lee. "Everything great about talking in front of a Camera"

  • Sleepy Lion King
    Sleepy Lion King3 månader sedan

    Holy fuck I never expected to see you at all lol

  • MasterTim
    MasterTim3 månader sedan

    I love seeing your beautiful beard. I wish my employer allowed beards.

  • SuperHeavyXD
    SuperHeavyXD3 månader sedan

    Well then.... I don’t think I have seen your face before but that’s definitely a beautiful beard win! *DING*

  • Vaporizer
    Vaporizer3 månader sedan

    Why is his voice kinda different

  • Massid
    Massid3 månader sedan

    please make everything great about bolt

  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH3 månader sedan

    Maybe it's just from seeing what you look like and that impacting my perception of your voice but you sound different in this video.

  • Joshua Evans
    Joshua Evans3 månader sedan

    Holy shit you have a face

  • Bonnke Gg
    Bonnke Gg3 månader sedan

    please do guardians of ga'hoole thanks

  • somecallmejoey
    somecallmejoey3 månader sedan

    Why did I think you were like mid 20s?! But I also like the way you are so...

  • Mr. Junk
    Mr. Junk3 månader sedan

    How’s this for a face reveal? I did not expect you to look like this, but that’s not a bad thing. As you would say, beautiful beard win *DING*

  • Massid
    Massid3 månader sedan

    Please make everything great about bolt

  • 2JuT4LYFE2
    2JuT4LYFE23 månader sedan

    LEE!!!! Omg, beautiful beard win goes to you, my dude! wowwwwwwwwww!! I feel like we should all be honor cause we now know what he looks like!!! And I'm sorry if I offended anyone cause i said we all now know, this is the first time I've seen him so please.

  • Some Goofy Jackass
    Some Goofy Jackass3 månader sedan

    Beautiful beard win👍

  • Knekt
    Knekt3 månader sedan

    I like this a lot. Like a lot a lot. This works dude!

  • Vaniellis
    Vaniellis3 månader sedan


  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren3 månader sedan

    The beautiful beard win guy himself has one damn beautiful beard

  • cade Bunker
    cade Bunker3 månader sedan

    I kinda feel like his face doesn't match his voice

  • Musings of a Homeschooler
    Musings of a Homeschooler3 månader sedan

    You should do Spies in Disguise, it’s an underrated film, and probably Blue Sky’s last.

  • Joe
    Joe3 månader sedan

    How's it going to TRUMAN SHOW

  • Connor Querin
    Connor Querin3 månader sedan

    Magnificent beard win! For real man, fantastic beard. It's great to see your face man!

  • Just a random Chanal
    Just a random Chanal3 månader sedan

    Why do you sound like you look

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    Michael Cline3 månader sedan

    It feels much longer than 1-2 weeks ago. Lol

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    Aditya Ray3 månader sedan

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  • Jess
    Jess3 månader sedan

    Can we just take a moment to talk about Lee’s beard, it’s so gorgeous.

  • Jess
    Jess3 månader sedan

    Honestly your voice does NOT match your face, if that makes sense

  • Name Last name
    Name Last name3 månader sedan

    You look and sound like legal eagle

  • Jango Fett
    Jango Fett3 månader sedan

    Wow, I can’t believe how different you look, in contrast to my envision of you. Before your face reveal, I genuinely thought that you were a 20 year old man just out of college.

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    Mark Graves3 månader sedan

    Wow, you're a regular human... My mental image of your face was much different 😂

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    Crimson Hunter3 månader sedan

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  • Ripp Hunter
    Ripp Hunter3 månader sedan

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  • Grant Slater
    Grant Slater3 månader sedan

    It feels strange seeing what he looks like

  • Hunky Dory
    Hunky Dory3 månader sedan

    Cinema wins is my SEblacks Dad

  • ThatsStraight UpBullshit
    ThatsStraight UpBullshit3 månader sedan

    Beautiful Beard Win!

  • Nicole Clark
    Nicole Clark3 månader sedan

    face reveal!

  • ben webb
    ben webb3 månader sedan

    One of the "greatest" things was just a plot point when someone breakes out of thr control of the hex, the bar is set pretty low for greatest i guess...

    MR MISM3 månader sedan

    Video 27 of asking for Jurassic Park

  • Prakhar Paliwal
    Prakhar Paliwal3 månader sedan

    That's a beautiful beard win.

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    Baron3 månader sedan

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  • AlexC808
    AlexC8083 månader sedan

    i feel like im doing something illegal when watching this

  • Massid
    Massid3 månader sedan

    Please do everything great about bolt

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    Ryfic3 månader sedan

    but i dont wanna watch the video there's just a disembodied voice in it :(

  • Dani Brooks
    Dani Brooks3 månader sedan

    So was anyone gonna tell me that Lee was hella attractive or was I just supposed to learn that by stumbling onto a SEblacks short?

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    flikcbigg3 månader sedan

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  • infinityhacker2.0 spicyboi
    infinityhacker2.0 spicyboi3 månader sedan

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    Mr. Mark3 månader sedan

    This is what you look like. I always picture your beard being down to your chest.

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    Zach Marsh3 månader sedan

    This video was like... Tim and Eric Presents CinemaWins and I'm here for it.

  • Dre Co
    Dre Co3 månader sedan


  • TheLostGamingHQ _
    TheLostGamingHQ _3 månader sedan

    Things I’ve learned today -What CW looks like -CW’s real name is Lee -Lee had a beautiful beard

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    Ty Best3 månader sedan

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    DemDoolies3 månader sedan

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    Tejas Padhye3 månader sedan

    Not a pervert but an obvious change was how her bra changed from the perky ones of the 60s to modern ones from episode 1 to 2. 🤦‍♂️💀

    BAD JUJU3 månader sedan

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  • twinklyten
    twinklyten4 månader sedan

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    James Davis4 månader sedan

    0:55 @This Old Tony would agree with you.

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    Kobers4 månader sedan

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  • Ridhwan Suriyat Hardi
    Ridhwan Suriyat Hardi4 månader sedan

    Seriously you look like the nicest fella in the world. Your channel really made me appreciate films better and to see the bigger picture! And the motto you hold that “it is someone’s favourite film” really is a breath of fresh air.

  • Manucho
    Manucho4 månader sedan

    Wow, dude! Spoiler alert! You can't show your face just like that. We need to prepare for something like this.

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