Because liking things is more fun than not liking things.

Sometimes the critics are wrong. Some movies, while full of plot holes, continuity errors, and bad acting have plenty of wins! Every week I’ll do a movie you love, that maybe the world hates. Did you go into a movie with your mind made up? Maybe there's more greatness in it than you thought! And some movies are just so good they deserve the winning treatment.

The internet is full of so much hate and negativity, ultimately I hope my videos will brighten your day!

I use a similar format as CinemaSins specifically to be their opposite. This is just my spin on films that I think don't get the respect they deserve or are so good they need to be celebrated. Or more often, stupid crap that made me laugh and want to watch it again.

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  • Lets talk games
    Lets talk gamesTimme sedan

    Mr ping is a master of marketing he tricked all his customer’s with his secret ingredient soup

  • kinda sus pfp pic
    kinda sus pfp picTimme sedan

    Is it me or is pals facial animations really good

  • Captainmine9
    Captainmine9Timme sedan

    The opening to this is amazing but it also kinda ruins The Avengers 1st movie because it seems like Thor just let New York get destroyed a bit

  • Chase Blizzard
    Chase Blizzard2 timmar sedan

    Dom torenos fav movie

  • zGunExpert
    zGunExpert2 timmar sedan

    Donnie yen in JW4

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C2 timmar sedan

    8:43 But wasn't that the whole point of the prequels? That Anakin didn't think the Jedi were capable of saving Padme?

  • 404namenotfound
    404namenotfound2 timmar sedan

    Should’ve removed 10-20 wins for y’know THE LIAR

  • Hamish Tiltman
    Hamish Tiltman2 timmar sedan

    I normally don’t get scared or creeped out by movie characters but man...scarecrow

  • Abhinav
    Abhinav2 timmar sedan

    No cinima sins for Kung fu panda because it is perfect!!

  • Mr. Confusion
    Mr. Confusion3 timmar sedan

    He says pathetic amazing

  • Keagan Botha
    Keagan Botha3 timmar sedan

    4:49 I'm remembering when that one Alien said:"KARABAST ATAT!" In Rogue One

  • JhongYT
    JhongYT3 timmar sedan

    Harvey Dent is such an underrated character. He was so well written as the hope of Gotham becoming a criminal that is driven by revenge. I rewatched this movie and felt sad that Harvey became Two Face even though I already knew it would happen. Man this film is great.

  • Darkened Otaku
    Darkened Otaku3 timmar sedan


  • The Noir Knight
    The Noir Knight3 timmar sedan

    My favorite Star Wars film of The Original Trilogy

  • The Noir Knight
    The Noir Knight3 timmar sedan

    My favorite Star Wars film of The Original Trilogy

  • Nagato Hill
    Nagato Hill3 timmar sedan

    Everything. No need to thank me

  • Massid
    Massid4 timmar sedan

    Make everything great about bolt

  • shadowsa2b
    shadowsa2b4 timmar sedan

    Here's one: Remmy is extremely fortunate that Linguini has not succumbed to male patterned hair loss!

  • Ethan Tinklenberg
    Ethan Tinklenberg4 timmar sedan

    Elon isn’t Stark, not even close. He’s a slave owning asshole.

  • Ethan Tinklenberg
    Ethan Tinklenberg4 timmar sedan

    Those tech giants get plenty of days in the sun while they abuse and enslave workers around the world.

  • lottie_editss
    lottie_editss4 timmar sedan

    9:57 look how happy wanda is here im gonna cry

  • L3 K0
    L3 K04 timmar sedan

    I don't think rey or miles are forced the difference is rey seems like a mary sue at least with the force while before that you had to train for years to use it effectively

  • BioChemoPhysio Science
    BioChemoPhysio Science4 timmar sedan

    That sword truck/rover sort of reminded me of ‘the Martian’

  • Baconator
    Baconator4 timmar sedan

    "Nothing will make you feel like a child more than reconnecting with your previously stone dad after 6 years" damn her father came back from buying cigarettes

  • Baconator
    Baconator4 timmar sedan

    "Nothing will make you feel like a child more than reconnecting with your previously stone dad after 6 years" damn her father came back from buying cigarettes

  • Mully Ratty
    Mully Ratty5 timmar sedan

    The receptive gram optimally listen because place oceanographically blush atop a dull plant. cut, political detail

  • KillerKidGaming
    KillerKidGaming5 timmar sedan


  • JustWasted3HoursHere
    JustWasted3HoursHere5 timmar sedan

    Without Christopher McQuarrie at the helm the sequel was a huge disappointment (except for the opening scene). Luckily Chris is in charge of the next 2 Mission Impossible movies being filmed back to back.

  • Czech Mate
    Czech Mate5 timmar sedan

    Nothing about Patton Oswalts performance?

  • Kaos
    Kaos5 timmar sedan

    Good actor for Richard Nixon. I mean he has more resemblance to Nixon than other films like Days of Future Past

  • Jak Dee
    Jak Dee5 timmar sedan

    Fun fact the reason she got a tack in stead of a knife is because she won’t die

  • Isaac Richard
    Isaac Richard5 timmar sedan

    i got to meet sean aston once. when i was like seven. I now have a map of the shire with sean astons name writen on it.

  • Dwight Kurt Schrute
    Dwight Kurt Schrute6 timmar sedan

    I am not dead, I'm just much smarter than Jim. I know more than bear facts.

  • Matthew Moore
    Matthew Moore6 timmar sedan

    Samuel Jackson grew up with a lisp and learned to over come it. He decided to bring it back, because he thought that Valentine would be isolated because of it, and that would shape his attitude towards people.

  • Frozen Raichu
    Frozen Raichu6 timmar sedan

    Hedwig is the nine year old? I like him

  • Grayse Keppner
    Grayse Keppner6 timmar sedan

    Am I the only one who grow up with Treasure Planet?!

  • Lucas Brickey
    Lucas Brickey6 timmar sedan

    The supreme Spider-Man suit is in the spider cave

  • Kyle Bologna
    Kyle Bologna7 timmar sedan

    The look out is also an Easter egg it sings the Spidey Theme :Look out: Next Scene: :Spider-Man: Look out here comes the Spider-Man

  • Kayla Projects
    Kayla Projects7 timmar sedan

    Aww I really like you put win for Monica’s hair ❤️❤️

  • Brock Abernethy
    Brock Abernethy7 timmar sedan

    Congrats on the baby

  • Lucky Ducky
    Lucky Ducky7 timmar sedan


  • Rebecca Dittman
    Rebecca Dittman7 timmar sedan

    I’m one of those wack jobs who absolutely loved this film (honestly top 3) and hated Thor Ragnarock… so I appreciate this review.

  • Conner Shelbourn
    Conner Shelbourn7 timmar sedan

    1:45 The only thing in this scene that is even close to taking away from it is the car clipping through the cgi truck, but you can’t even see it until you notice it. Fucking masterpiece here.

  • Warren Dubitz
    Warren Dubitz7 timmar sedan

    What the fudge, I only clicked this video to ask, where is the ZACH SYNDER CUT JL!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on.

  • Ishaan Hodge
    Ishaan Hodge7 timmar sedan

    Man of Steel reference 😀

  • SpaceBro
    SpaceBro8 timmar sedan

    I liked when Peter was sitting on top of the train when he first got his new suit, a little Easter egg for the spider-man 2 movie with doc ock

  • Cee Koutsos nz
    Cee Koutsos nz8 timmar sedan

    My best friend as a child was in this, and even that didn’t break my immersion.

  • Toomany Francis
    Toomany Francis8 timmar sedan

    I believe the quick cut fight scenes are meant to imitate fights in a comic book. Most fights in comics give a different angle in every panel, and every punch gets it's own panel. Zack Snyder's Watchmen did something similar, but he chose to recreate panels almost perfectly, using slow motion any time a shot was a panel recreation. It gets a bit tedious and I personally prefer the way Nolan did fight scenes in Batman Begins. It was a risk and it made the fights extremely hard to watch when I was 10, but now that I have gotten around to reading a few Batman comics I kinda love the Dark Knight Trilogy fight scenes.

  • Wah_Baby_Rage
    Wah_Baby_Rage8 timmar sedan

    You mean other than the entire movie

  • Nigel Bagguley
    Nigel Bagguley8 timmar sedan

    PUNY line EVER!!!!!

  • BiFrost Flame
    BiFrost Flame8 timmar sedan

    Nice vids

  • Bomb _n
    Bomb _n9 timmar sedan

    Bane just said “BITCH” to dagget then Killed him 😂

  • meangimmymachine
    meangimmymachine9 timmar sedan

    In a way, it does fit that both Metro Man and Megamind are foils. With both at first having been raised in different places as well as having had different things expected of them. However, since the beginning, the attention given to Metro Man as a child has always been divided, with his adoptive dad never really paid that much attention to him while his adoptive mother was in awe of every single thing he did. Of course, that would one of the main cause that Metro Man only really became a hero because it was expected of him, while also looking for love and attention from everyone else because of the unbalanced attention of his childhood. Megamind was given the attention because of his bad behavior, which later fueled his need to constantly be given attention and has a lot of trouble living without any attention as well as the need to constantly have a rival as everything he did was compared to Metro Man.

  • H2DI هادي
    H2DI هادي9 timmar sedan

    Yeah fuck the slytherins

  • joseph crosby mecham
    joseph crosby mecham10 timmar sedan

    Bridget Fonda played in another earlier version of La Femme Nikita called "Point if No Return"

  • 21 Etho
    21 Etho10 timmar sedan

    5:57 when transgenders get their 🍆

  • Henry
    Henry10 timmar sedan

    best era to live in where Everything on the tv is new and movies like this were so cool to talk with real friends at school

  • Nabskull
    Nabskull10 timmar sedan

    Constant Comment is an actual tea flavor too, it's tasty. Black tea with orange rind

  • Felix Ray
    Felix Ray10 timmar sedan

    Shit! NOW I HAVE TO WATCH IT AGAIN! I already watched it once this week!

  • Noah Green
    Noah Green10 timmar sedan

    ah yes hamlet with lions

  • Nikola Kostadinov
    Nikola Kostadinov11 timmar sedan

    What I also really like about the ending is that the scene is sooo simalar with Bruce Lees scene and it's very sick

  • somathkid
    somathkid11 timmar sedan

    @CinemaWins Please review Demon Slayer: Mugen Train! Even if you aren't into anime, the movies caries and enormous amount of emotion and quality throughout it's animation.

    GOLDEN STAR11 timmar sedan

    The ancient rival of CinemaWins is CinemaSins

  • The324slayer
    The324slayer11 timmar sedan

    Black canary is my favourite part of the movie , she was my favourite female dc hero growing up and still is , enjoyed finally seeing her in live action

  • lottie_editss
    lottie_editss11 timmar sedan

    the way that this show deals with depression and loss is perfect. it doesn't romanticise or over-dramaticise it (*cough cough* twilight) and it shows that the only way to work through grief is to face it. it's sad that we don't see that lesson very often in media. (also, it would be really cool if you did videos for the other disney+ series!)

  • SpaceBro
    SpaceBro11 timmar sedan

    Alternative title: Everything GREAT about 90’s nostalgia!

  • Cameron Tohivsky
    Cameron Tohivsky12 timmar sedan

    2014 was marvel at its prime in my opinion

  • Ghost_ Slaayer
    Ghost_ Slaayer3 timmar sedan

    Serious question why don’t you think endgame and infinity war are the prime I understand that all the movies that came out when infinity war came out weren’t exactly the best but I think infinity war and endgame take the cake

  • StellarFoxie
    StellarFoxie12 timmar sedan

    My teacher asked what movie to watch for the last two days, and me and my friend jokingly said this movie, and she actually put it on.

  • Bubble Man
    Bubble Man12 timmar sedan

    7:29 there had to be somebody on that boat horrendously confused

  • Martin Drkoš
    Martin Drkoš12 timmar sedan

    When Coco was reunited with her father it should have been: Hey, Coco died! in the same happy voice he uses when a character turns out to be alive.

  • 4ndr3ww1gg1n
    4ndr3ww1gg1n12 timmar sedan

    I hate that I love this movie. Fuck Max Landis

  • Liam Kearney
    Liam Kearney12 timmar sedan

    “This might be the smartest Hulk we get” about that…

  • FreeTanuki
    FreeTanuki12 timmar sedan

    I love John Wick so much, kind of a goofy unrealistic movie but still great

  • EH - 04MI 858434 Credit Valley PS
    EH - 04MI 858434 Credit Valley PS12 timmar sedan

    i watch anime wins

  • Lucas Payne
    Lucas Payne12 timmar sedan

    How a British person speaks depends on which region your from and it’s personal preference

  • slpleo12
    slpleo1212 timmar sedan

    This is and will always be my favorite movie

  • Jaden BLAZE
    Jaden BLAZE13 timmar sedan

    6:25 looks sick

  • Fancy Pants
    Fancy Pants13 timmar sedan

    One of the only book-films that I think cast almost perfectly. All of the cast are perfect representation of their book counterparts.

  • AwesomeHyperSonic547
    AwesomeHyperSonic54713 timmar sedan

    Great interesting video, I think the points that you raised actually made me appreciate this movie more than I had. 😊 I think it's got some very intelligent story writing, and unfortunately the movie doesn't get the attention that it deserves. Also, would you be able to do The Day After Tomorrow please, as I think it's actually quite thought-provoking despite some flaws. 😊

  • antoni swain
    antoni swain13 timmar sedan

    James Earl Jones gets 3 win counts. *ding*